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Mides reopened the dental office in Dinali

This Tuesday the 20th, the dental service was reopened, which is part of the health care improvement plan developed by the National Directorate of the Released (Dinali) with people released from the prison system. On the occasion, the president of the State Health Services Administration (ASSE), Leonardo Cipriani, and the head of the Ministry of Social Development (Mides), Martín Lema, spoke.

In this framework, the minister reported that in the Rendering of Accounts in 2021, Dinali passed from the orbit of the Ministry of the Interior to that of Mides. In this regard, he explained that those who regained their freedom before received care in police stations, but now they are cared for in the Mides territorial offices.

The dental service is part of the plan to improve health care in which Dinali works, for people released from the prison system. Lema highlighted the importance of the new office and explained that the reinstallation is the result of joint work between Dinali, ASSE and UCU.

It is necessary that there are job opportunities, training, and greater access to health, assured the hierarch who stated that work is being done in this regard.

Meanwhile, Cipriani reported that ASSE will have the necessary supplies to offer prevention, diagnosis and dental treatment. “The comprehensive care of the person is sought, so that in this second opportunity he can enjoy good oral health,” he indicated.

The hierarch announced that a demand of 40 to 50 patients per month is expected. That will be attended by teachers and students of the Catholic University of Uruguay twice a week between 8:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.

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