Congress approves modifying Sierra y Selva Exportadora, which will now be called Agromercado

Midagri prepares logistics and registration of producers for delivery of urea

The , announced that “before the first weeks of August” the distribution of the (urea) to producers with agricultural units of less than five hectares.

The purchase process has already been finalized and we are finishing the logistics with all the corresponding registration so that, before the first weeks of August, we can start distributing this fertilizer.”, said Alencastre during his speech at the XVI Decentralized Council of Ministers in Tacna.

the owner of the Midagri He mentioned that, in accordance with the current norm, producers with agricultural units of less than five hectares that use urea will receive nitrogenous fertilizers. “But we not only have urea, but also guano from the island and organic fertilizers for farmers”, he stated.

It should be noted that the Executive Branch issued Emergency Decree 013-2022, in order to allocate an item of S/ 348 million for the acquisition of urea and thus guarantee food production corresponding to the 2022-2023 agricultural campaign. Farmers must be registered in the Register of Agricultural Producers (PPA).

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With this amount, more than 73,000 tons of urea will be purchased to serve small producers. The first shipment of urea should arrive in Peru in the second half of July.

We are applying a policy of articulation for the fertilization of crops, which is consistent with the quantity, provision and availability of irrigation water, with a concept of recharge and infrastructure for multiple use water”, he stressed.

He specified that water, organization, retention and recharge of water resources should have the same look and communities, provincial and district municipalities and regional governments should participate in a decentralization scheme. “In this way, the territorial approach in the basin is specified with a view of raising and planting and harvesting water.”, he referred.

Likewise, Alencastre reported that the technical teams of the Midagri They will work with their peers from local and regional governments to help finalize and formulate project programming.

With these actions we will shorten all procedures and we will be able to prioritize projects in the reformulation and organization of our budgets”, he remarked.


From Monday, June 13, all AFP contributors will be able to withdraw up to S/. 18,400 of his pension fund, after the respective rule will be enacted.

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