Midagri has requested a detailed report from Agro Rural on the process of purchasing fertilizers

The(Midagri) informed today that the program has been requested a detailed report on the fertilizer purchasing process and the supplier company selection process.

“Given the information disseminated in the media about possible irregularities in the purchase of urea, Minister Andrés Alencastre requested this Monday the 13th from Agro Rural and Comptroller-OCI, a detailed report on the result of the selection process of the international company”the statement noted.

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As is known, on Saturday, June 11, Midagri, through Agro Rural, chose the Brazilian company MF Fertilizadores, from among 79 proposals, as the urea supplier for Peru.

But, on Sunday, June 12, in the Sunday newspaper Contracorriente, documentation was presented that evidenced an alleged favoring in the bidding process for the acquisition of 73,000 tons of urea from this company over other bidders, who offered the same amount of fertilizers at prices and terms shorter than those provided by the winner.


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