MIDA seeks resources to perform DNA tests to identify stolen cattle

To find viable solutions to the increase in livestock theft in the country and guarantee control of the movement of livestock, in addition to promoting the consumption of products derived from livestock, authorities of the Ministry of Agricultural Development (MIDA), the Public Ministry and the National Association of Livestock (ANAGAN), met this Friday..

The head of the agricultural portfolio, Augusto Valderrama, stressed that this meeting analyzed livestock theft, a growing problem that directly affects the country’s livestock sector, food security and the economy.

He added that to curb this situation, it was proposed to speed up the processes to punish those who commit these crimes in an exemplary manner, creating special prosecutors’ offices. He also explained that the MIDA, through the National Directorate of Animal Health, will seek the resources to support this procedure, helping with the origin analysis tests of the stolen meat, with samples of its DNA.

The MIDA minister announced that they will continue to meet, now with the provincial authorities, to strengthen surveillance to prevent these thefts.

Representing ANAGAN, its president, José Concepción Sánchez, was satisfied with the results of this meeting. He said that livestock theft is decimating the economy in the interior of the country and that his union has an obligation to help solve these problems.

Another aspect that was analyzed was the control of the mobilization of livestock, in addition, they discussed the complaints filed on these issues and the certainty of the punishment for the offenders of these crimes that stand out in Panama Oeste, Colón, Chiriquí and provinces. central.

Among the points discussed was the DNA test, as evidence to determine cases of livestock theft.

For his part, the Attorney General, Javier Caraballo, said that the ranchers presented him with a series of concerns they have about livestock theft and their criminal proceedings. He promised to specialize prosecutors who deal with these cases and to work on the evidentiary means so that the investigations are more effective, responding to this productive sector of Panamanian society.

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