Micromachismo, mamitis y conspiranoico entre las nuevas palabras admitidas por la Real Academia

Micromachismo, mastitis and conspiracy among the new words admitted by the Royal Academy

CDMX, Mexico.-Like every December the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language presents the list of words that are officially added to the language. There are 280 new terms presented by the Dictionary of the Spanish language (DLE), this time in version 23.6.

Among the words that are incorporated are micromachismo, panetone, monodosis, mastitis, crowdfunding, conspiracy, dotcom, gamer, and expressions such as useful life, dark matter, wicked session or planned obsolescence.

According to the Spanish newspaper The country, the director of the RAE, Santiago Muñoz Machado, highlighted in the presentation that this version provides 3,152 novelties. This figure is the result between new words, changes in wording of definitions and updates.

The word “portuñol” also enters the DLE, an adjective that describes the mixture between Portuguese and Spanish; “ageism”, a noun that refers to age discrimination; as well as garciamarquiano and cortazariano in reference to the two writers.

Múñoz Machado explained that these changes are the result of consensual work “with the other 22 Spanish academies in the world and go through the five commissions of the institution.”

In 2026, according to the newspaper The world there will be a new dictionary, completely reworked, sponsored by La Caixa Foundation and designed directly for online consultation.

Last year the update of the RAE was mainly marked by technology and the modernization of societies. This is reflected in the words that they defined on their pages: bitcoin, bot, cyberbullying, cybercrime, cryptocurrency, geolocation or webinar are some of the examples.

As expected in the 2021 update, they also added terms that came with the Covid-19. They added face masks, swabs or nasobuco, as well as new meanings for terms such as screening, or complex forms: social bubble and new normality.

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