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February 28, 2023
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Microentrepreneurs, concerned about the draft of the labor reform

Microentrepreneurs, concerned about the draft of the labor reform

Behind the draft that was known of the labor reform projectwhich will be filed on March 16 before Congress, Rosmery Quintero, the president of the union of microentrepreneurs Acopi expressed concern for the project.

“The labor reform project presented yesterday by the Ministry of Labor has us extremely concerned for various reasons. Although it is true that there is talk of an individual, associative or collective labor law, all the proposals are being very harsh for a business sector that makes an effort to maintain employment and create new employment”Quintero said.

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According to the president of Acopi, one of the concerns is to assimilate the apprenticeship contract to the employment contractwhich according to Quintero, would reduce the opportunity for young people.

The union representative also said that taking the indefinite-term contract as a general rule would be another conflict. “The conditions to be able to unlink a person who is not fulfilling the required profile will be much more complex”indicated.

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He also referred to the issue of reinforced job stabilitywhich also includes within this protection scheme for mothers and fathers heads of household, They have no other source of income.

“It will continue to be very harsh, and it will even further exclude people who meet certain characteristics and very likely in the business sector they will not be easily linked,” Quintero questioned.

He also expressed his Concern about the proposals in relation to the hours of the working day.

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“This reform has to look at world conditions, the conditions of the country and make an analysis of whether with this we are really going to generate employment, or if, on the contrary, added to many other reforms, uncertainty is being generated and that leads the business sector to withdraw capital. It is worth making an analysis that is balanced with the reality and employment opportunities that the Colombian population needs”, Indian.


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