Micrero abandons his passengers after causing an accident;  a child was in intensive care

Micrero abandons his passengers after causing an accident; a child was in intensive care

A five-year-old boy is in intensive care and with a reserved prognosis in a private clinic in the Santa Cruz capital, after being victim of a traffic accident. The bus of the line 120 that caused this event fled, abandoning his passengers.

According to the Traffic Police report, the incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon, when Rodrigo MG (18) was heading home with his nephew aboard his red motorcycle on Tres Pasos al Frente Avenue. When trying to cross the seventh ring road, the minibus with license plate 1022-CAU hit him.

The motorcycle in which the two injured were transported

“When the motorcycle reached the interception it stopped, as did the bus. Both drivers waved to each other, then my relative started with the motorcycle and the mike hit him in the tank,” said Guisela Vargas, aunt of the injured minor.

The collision caused the motorcyclist and his five-year-old nephew to fall onto the road. But the boy got the worst part, because he was left with the skull fractured due to the motorcycle falling on his head.

After the accident, the micrero, who was already identified by Tránsito with the name of Dixon Sejas Vásquez, an attempt was made to flee, but some witnesses stood in front of the vehicle so that it would not move forward. However, he took advantage of the fact that his passengers got off to help the wounded, to run away in an unknown direction.

Micrero abandons his passengers after causing an accident; a child was in intensive care

The bus driver has already been identified, but is still at large.

Guisela said that to date the whereabouts of the micrero are unknown and that even the representatives of line 120 said they did not know anything of the. In addition to the fact that the owner of this microphone is traveling and cannot provide more information.

The boy underwent cranial surgery at the Nuclear Clinic this Wednesday and his forecast is reserved; He remains in the intensive care unit. While her uncle is not seriously injured, he is admitted to another private clinic.

The family of the injured asked the police authorities to speed up the investigation of the case to find the whereabouts of Dixon Sejas Vásquez, whom he asked to take responsibility for the medical cats of the injured.

He also asked the population to provide information about the fugitive by calling his cell phone number 78087733.

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