Michael Kuczynski: “PPK is depressed and his mental state is worsening”

Michael Kuczynski: “PPK is depressed and his mental state is worsening”

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski faces an ‘eternal’ house arrest order requested by the prosecutor . His younger brother confesses that PPK has a serious injury to his mental health due to the situation he is experiencing. He is practically incommunicado. Michael Kuczysnki spoke with Perú21TV about the latest statement signed by former Hispanic-American presidents in favor of the former president’s freedom.

What do the former presidents point out about their brother PPK?

The first statement was signed by Peruvian personalities who know very well the situation of in Peru. Now former presidents of Latin American nations, who know my brother well, what they say is that PPK is serving a sentence but without a sentence, without an accusation, and there is no testimony against him.

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Is there an excess in the sanction that PPK faces?

Not only can’t communicate. That is a serious mental health offense. All his financial means have been confiscated. To defend himself he depends on the help of family and friends, and all this only with a series of hypotheses that have been falling with one evidence or another. This judicial mechanism was observed 100 years ago.

What is your health status?

PPK is 83 years old, has an artificial heart valve and cardiovascular problems. The confinement has caused him very high pressure problems, in addition, he is not surrounded by his family. All this is aggravating his mental state and he is depressed. There are 56 months of investigations that have not resulted in anything.

It is enough.

It’s a long time to find something. That doesn’t surprise me, because those of us who know him well – like the presidents who have signed the communiqué – know that nothing will be found because my brother is honest. He has made mistakes, but never dishonest things.

That statement can help with public opinion, but what are they doing legally?

PPK has a team of lawyers. The youngest is Julio Midolo – who knows criminal law well – is working well. But on the other side is the Prosecutor’s Office, which changes its narrative of what my brother could have done all the time. And every time the hypothesis is rejected by a court, they change their hypothesis. Now they are in the fourth hypothesis.

The last time PPK was seen publicly.
The last time PPK was seen publicly.

Are there testimonies against your brother?

There are several witnesses in the Odebrecht case, and not one of them has said anything that could support what the Prosecutor’s Office says. I’m not a lawyer, but that shocks me a lot.

Why do you think there is this excess with PPK?

There is an abuse in your case. There is a cruelty of justice. The restrictions under which he is subjected make no sense in places where human rights are respected. If there is an accusation to make, let them make it. But they can’t lock someone up for years without indictment. It is a penalty without sentence. They have to realize that if they don’t have an accusation against him, they have to lift everything.

What do you want to say to the prosecutors in the Lava Jato case?

It is important to fight corruption, but the vehemence shown by the prosecutors in my brother’s case shows that the fight against corruption is being done wrong. Looking for a culprit that does not exist.


  • “After more than four years of investigation, almost three years of house arrest and other restrictions on fundamental rights, the judicial guarantees established in the international treaties to which Peru is a party are being seriously affected,” said a first statement on PPK.
  • “Given the imminent extension of new limitations to their fundamental rights, the use of measures that ignore constitutional borders is of concern,” say former Hispanic-American presidents.

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