Miami Cuban who murdered a compatriot turns himself in to police

On Friday of last week in Hialeah Gardens a Cuban was found dead in a lot used to park trailers. After the first investigations, the police came up with two pieces of information: the names of the deceased, Albert Pina, 41, and the alleged murderer, Roberto Aveille Rodríguez, 34. But nothing more.

After beginning searches of the city, surrounding towns and his residence, they found nothing. Not a trace, confirmed the television network local10.

The first thought was that Rodríguez had escaped to Cuba. The investigators did not rule out that possibility, police spokesman Jorge Ramírez told various media outlets, because no one in his family knew how to give any indications about his whereabouts.

“That happens when they run away. They go to another state, cross the border and then catch a plane in Mexico and leave for Cuba,” she said.

However, none of that happened. To the surprise of the authorities, Rodríguez apparently found himself unable to escape to Mexico and, in desperation, turned himself in this weekend to the police in Hendry County, located in South Florida, northwest of Miami, where he was immediately arrested. and from where he will be extradited soon.

Police had begun searching for the alleged killer after being informed of the shooting in Hialeah Gardens. He still doesn’t know why it started.

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