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Mi Barrio Sin Residuos arrives in Asunción with a free service proposal

Starting this Sunday, June 5, and in commemoration of World Environment Day, the Mi Barrio Sin Residuos initiative enabled subscription through its website www.mibarriosinresiduos.com.py, to request the free service for collecting recyclable materials.

Interested persons may subscribe, until July 2, to their homes or businesses by filling out the Withdrawal Request form that is enabled only on the website, once subscribed, the organization will select the neighborhoods that will receive the service to put in contact with selected households and businesses with the recycler, who will arrive at your door from July 11.

Mi Barrio Sin Residuos will allow some 260 recyclers in the country’s capital to access clean materials in a dignified manner. These recyclers, in turn, will work with some 12 Collection Centers that will allow the collected materials to be reused effectively and guarantee that they return to Paraguayan industries.

The Collection Centers will receive technical and financial support for the acquisition of Fleets, Infrastructure, Industrial Equipment, personal protection equipment and technical assistance to improve their productivity and to collect more recyclable materials from the city.

The initiative seeks to promote the separation and collection of recyclable materials such as: plastics, cardboard, paper, aluminum, glass and tetra-type containers. Also recover some 3,200 tons of waste in a simple way, facilitating differentiated collection for homes and businesses in the capital.

Mi Barrio Sin Residuos is promoted by Coca-Cola Paraguay, IDB Lab, Nestlé, Cervepar and Tetra Pak in collaboration with the Asunción Circular Projects, Asunción Cero Residuos and with the executive coordination of the Fundación Moisés Bertoni.

Additionally, it has multisectoral support, where the Municipality of Asunción, the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development (MADES) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) accompany the public sector, through the Asunción Sustentable project. , and by the private sector various organizations such as Kolibri, Casa Rica, Cartones Yaguarete, CORESA, Shopping del Sol, the Paraguayan Glass Factory (FPV) and the Global Compact.

The project will initially have a duration of one year, in this way the strengthening and formalization of the recycling chain in Asunción and Greater Asunción will be promoted, to later be extended to other territories of the country.

In addition to the collection service, the project plans to provide educational spaces promoting habits that facilitate the recovery of materials to neighborhood commissions, schools, companies and unions that wish to receive a differentiated collection service.

“My Neighborhood Without Waste” returns this year redoubling efforts, allies and beneficiaries, providing a free differentiated waste collection service to Companies and Homes.

This Project will seek to demonstrate that the coordinated work between the government, civil society and the private sector allows the generation of important socio-environmental impacts that contribute to building not only an Asunción without waste, but also to advance towards more resilient and sustainable cities”, mentioned Mauricio Solalinde, from the Moises Bertoni Foundation.

Interested citizens can make their inquiries to [email protected]


In 2021, Mi Barrio Sin Residuos had a scope of service to 160 homes in 5 neighborhoods of Asunción, in the pilot stage the recovery of recyclable materials was increased by 20% in alliance with the San Francisco Neighborhood Recyclers Association. This year Mi Barrio Sin Residuos returns renewed, seeking to grow, connect and continue promoting the circular economy through recycling in Paraguay.

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