Mexico will lead movement in defense of Cuban sovereignty: AMLO

▲ President Andrés Manuel López Obrador welcomes the president of the Republic of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, at the Campeche International Airport.Photo Presidency

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Newspaper La Jornada
Sunday February 12, 2023, p. 3

Edzná, Camp., The majestic Altar of the Great Acropolis, one of the greatest expressions of the Mayan civilization, was the historical site that was chosen to decorate the president of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel. Satisfied with the presence of his counterpart, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, he stated that the model of relations imposed in the region has been exhausted, it is anachronistic. It is time to express and explore another option, to dialogue with the rulers of all countries, especially with the US rulers, to convince them that a new relationship is possible..

Later, in Campeche, during the public bilateral meeting on health, López Obrador offered Díaz-Canel that Mexico will lead a more active movement to unite all nations and defend Cuban independence and sovereignty. “Nothing to treat them as a terrorist country or put them in the blacklist of suspected terrorists. It is a deeply humane people and government.”

During the award ceremony, Díaz-Canel did not hide the satisfaction of receiving the Order of the Aztec Eagle, in the Collar grade, the highest level, conferred on him by his friend López Obrador, initialing the intensification of bilateral ties. In his speech, after being awarded, he expressed his deep appreciation for the people of Mexico and his admiration and interest in the broad transformative proposal that they defend.

A sign of the times in Mexico-Cuba ties, a prolonged and fraternal embrace between the two sealed the new era in bilateral relations. Expression of what last May already had, in Havana, a first exhibition with the José Martí decoration that López Obrador received then in the Palace of the Revolution.

New Numancia

Brief speech by the Mexican president by way of postscript to the presidential decree published in the Official Journal of the Federation. A new condemnation of the US hegemonic model on the continent was the preamble to expose that For its struggle in defense of its sovereignty, the people of Cuba, represented by its president, deserve the award for dignity and that island must be considered the new Numancia.

He urged the United States government to lift, as soon as possible, the unfair and inhuman blockade against the island, and quoted the words of George Washington: nations cannot take advantage of the misfortune of other peoples.

In addition, López Obrador condemned the unsuccessful voting in the United Nations Organization against the blockade without anything else ever happening.

Moved by the ceremony –where he once again insisted on the urgent need to leave behind the old policies of domination to propose a new model of continental integration–, he finished his speech with a harangue: Long live free and sovereign Cuba! Long live our America! Long live universal brotherhood!

In the central square of the archaeological zone, considered a World Heritage Site, the two delegations listened to the speeches that demonstrated the confluence of visions, the shared position that the bilateral relationship is one of the most solid on the continent.

dear friend and brotherthe Cuban president began his speech, commenting that he could not have imagined that he would ever receive such an important decoration from the Sister Republic of Mexicomuch less that it would be delivered in such a symbolic place, bastion of Mexican culture.

He was pleased that it was delivered in Campeche, because it is a place of identity between the two countries, but that it gave him guidelines for irony and discursive relaxation, because so folksy it is less difficult to receive the distinction. I receive it with humility and infinite gratitude, aware that the true deserving of such significant recognition is the Cuban people..

Díaz-Canel made a tour of historical episodes that link the common past of both countries within their emancipatory processes, with special emphasis on the presence of Fidel and Raúl Castro, as well as Ernesto Che Guevara in Mexico. The remembrance led to bilateral solidarity: The new Cuban generations will never forget the unconditional, disinterested and immediate help of Mexico in moments of deep sadness and pain for Cuba..

At this time, the two nations are making progress in identifying new opportunities and projects of mutual benefit, in a framework of growing empathy, he said. I am honored that it is you, tireless fighter for more just societies, who gives us such a high distinction on behalf of Mexico..

He offered guarantees to Mexico that they will always find a Cuban people determined to face challenges.

When determining that the ceremony would take place in that place, it had a double purpose, since it also allowed a quick supervision of the advances of the Mayan Train in the Edzná station. This project is impressiveDíaz-Canel defined in a sentence about one of the emblematic works of López Obrador, in which Cuba contributes 20 thousand tons of ballast rock for its construction.

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