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Mexico returns 47 migrants to Cuba, the United States 77

The Government of Mexico repatriated this Friday to Cuba a group of 47 undocumented migrants and with them there are 1,410 Cuban citizens returned by the authorities of that country in 2022.

The new group – made up of 32 men and 15 women – arrived at the international airport in Havana and after fulfilling the requirements of the Cuban immigration authorities, they were transferred to their places of residence, according to a state television report cited by the agency. Eph.

Mexico and the United States return almost a hundred migrants to Cuba

This is the 27th operation carried out from Mexico to return Cuban migrants who traveled to that country in order to cross the border and reach the United States, the report stated.

The island’s immigration authorities reported that as of Friday, 4,501 Cubans had been deported through 95 air and sea operations from countries such as the United States, Mexico, the Bahamas, and the Cayman Islands. They also pointed out that the largest number of returned migrants -2,529- corresponds to the United States.

The information does not specify whether the data includes the 77 migrants that the US Coast Guard returned this week, as reported on its own website.

This group was returned on Wednesday aboard the Coast Guard cutter Raymond Evans and corresponds to eight interdictions carried out between last Saturday and Monday off the Florida Keys.

“Coast Guard crews maintain an active presence with air and sea groups in the Straits of Florida to help save lives,” said Lt. Travis Poulos, Coast Guard District Seven.

According to this source, since October 1, 2021, its crews intercepted 3,369 Cuban migrants trying to reach US territory.

In recent months, the flow of irregular Cuban migrants seeking to enter the United States using the sea as routes or following different routes through various Central American countries such as Nicaragua, Panama and Honduras has increased significantly.

The Cuban government insists on demanding from Washington compliance with the migratory agreements between the two countries, according to which the US must deliver 20,000 visas per year. Havana affirms that this figure has not been executed for four consecutive years.

He also blames Washington for stimulating irregular migration by granting “privileges” to Cubans who try to enter that territory, in particular due to the validity of the Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966, which allows islanders to apply for permanent residence in the United States. a year and one day of being in that country.

According to recent reports from the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency, in the first eight months of the current fiscal year 2022, which began last October, they have reached the northern and southern borders of the United States by by land 140,602 Cubans.


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