Mexico identifies eight alleged perpetrators for the death of migrants in a fire

Mexico identifies eight alleged perpetrators for the death of migrants in a fire

Sara Irene Herrerías, head of the Special Prosecutor for Human Rights, announced that this Wednesday four arrest warrants will be requested from the judges and explained that the death of the migrants in the fire is being investigated as an alleged homicide

The Attorney General of the Republic of Mexico assured this Wednesday, March 29, that the personnel in charge of a detention center in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, did nothing to evacuate the people who were inside the immigration center.

At a press conference, Sara Irene Herrerías, head of the Special Prosecutor for Human Rights, said that “none of the public servants or the private security police took any action to open the door for the migrants who were already inside with the fire”.

Eight people have been identified as allegedly responsible for this omission during the fire that occurred on Monday night, the Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection, Rosa Icela Rodríguez, said at the same conference. These are two federal agents and a state immigration agent, as well as five members of a private security company.

Herrerías announced that this Wednesday the judges will be asked for four arrest warrants and explained that the death of the migrants is being investigated as an alleged homicide.

“The file for the crime of homicide and damage to the property of others was started, but according to the investigations, other crimes will be analyzed,” said the FGR official.

affected by the fire

Below are the names and nationality of the 68 migrants from six countries:


The National Institute of Migration of Mexico raised to 13 the number of Venezuelans who were in that immigration center under its custody, although it did not specify the name of one of them.


1. Carlos Eduardo Rodriguez Cordero

2. Unidentified male

3. Joel Alexander Leal Pena

4. Orangel Jose Lopez Guerrero

5. Orlando Jose Maldonado Perez

6. Rafael Mendoza Mendoza

7. Rannier Edelber Requena Infante

8. Samuel Jose Marchena Guilarte


1. Eduardo De Jesus Carballo Lopez

2. Jeison Daniel Catari Rivas

3. Jesus Eduardo Velasquez Perdomo

4. Stefan Arango Morillo

Among the affected Venezuelans is also a man identified as Oscar José Regalado Silva whose condition is not detailed on the list.

Despite the fact that the Mexican authorities reported 13 identified Venezuelan migrants, the government of Nicolas Maduro has remained silent on the case. Neither has the Chancellor Yvan Gilnor has any type of statement been published from the social networks of the Chancellery.


1. Julian David Villamil Arevalo


1. Jorge Luis Tumbaco Santiestevan

The Savior

1. Andres Fernando Calderon Carbajal

2. Brayan Eduardo Flamenco Quinteros

3. Carlos Alberto Pacheco Gutierrez

4. Daniel de Jesus Varela Ramirez

5. Enrique Alfonso Melara Rivera

6. Inmer Onesi Molina Hernández (Hospital of the Femap family)

7. Jose Amilcar Portillo Solorzano

8. Jose Pedro Rivera Garcia

9. Marvin Armides Garcia Pacheco (IMSS 6)

10. Milton Alexis Melara Melgar

11. Misael Antonio Aguilar Lopez

12. Roberto Antonio Henríquez Evangelista


1. Bacilio Sutuj Saravia

2. Byron Lopez Xol

3. Cristian Vidal Alexander Ventura Sacalxot (IMSS 6)

4. Cruz Ernesto Chich Marroquin

5. Diego Sau Guarchaj

6. Diego Tzaj Ixtos

7. Edwin Gilberto Ixpertay Macario

8. Eliseo Gutiérrez Valdez (Hospital of the Femap family)

9. Elvis Adelmar Perez Esteban

10. Enrique Coy Pop

11. Eyner Anibal Garcia Dieguez

12. Fernando Pu Castro

13. Francisco Gaspar Rojche Chiquival

14. Francisco Javier Sohom Tzoc

15. Gaspar Josue Cuc Tzinquin

16. Gaspar Santiago Ixcotoyac Tum

17. Juan Fernando Quinonez Montejo

18. Kevin Estuardo Cardona Lopez

19. Manuel Alexander Chox Tambriz

20. Marco Antonio Lucas Paiz

21. Marcos Abdon Tziquin Cuc

22. Miguel Rojche Zapalu

23. Miguel Sebastian Pedro Mateo

24. Raymundo Quib Tzalam

25. Roberto Gonzalez Hernandez

26. Rubbelsy Manrrique Pérez Rodríguez

27. Santiago Caal Tzul

28. Wilson Alexander Juarez Hernandez


1. Brayan Orlando Rodriguez Funes

2. Cristhian Javier Carranza Toro

3. Dikson Aron Cordova Perdomo

4. Edin Josué Umana Madrid

5. Higinio Alberto Ramírez Torres (Femap Family Hospital)

6. Jesus Adony Alvarado Madrid

7. Jose Alfredo Hernandez Munoz

8. Jose Angel Ceballos Molina

9. Jose Armando Rivera Munoz

10. Juan Carlos De Jesús Gómez (Femap Family Hospital)

11. Juan Carlos Trochez Aguilar

12. Oscar Danilo Serrano Ramirez

13. Oscar Pineda Torres

Affected Venezuelans

Orlando José Maldonado Pérez was 26 years old. He was a native of Tucapé, in the Cárdenas municipality.

He had been in Mexico for a month, with the dream of crossing the border in search of new opportunities in the United States. But his hope was cut short on Monday night, after the fire that broke out in the Provisional Stay in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, in which at least 38 migrants died, including 12 Venezuelans.

According to a relative, Orlando José left a son as an orphan.

Hostel conditions

In an interview with Telemundo, Anthony González, who was deported from the United States a week ago and sent to the center of Ciudad Juárez, said that he was not present at the time of the fire, but that he had been in the center a few days before.

González denounced the overcrowding and the conditions in which they lived in the center, comparing it to a prison. In addition, he explained that he was thoroughly checked before entering, even going so far as to undress him to check his entire body.

“They check everything, they take away your jewelry, chain, bracelet, watch, and they even stripped me naked to check everything,” González said.

The survivor also recounted that they put him in a room with between 500 and 600 people, where he remained for two hours. “It’s crazy, I was like two hours and it’s crazy… they even sell cigarettes, it’s like a jail,” he said.

The Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) has reported that the deceased immigrants were of different nationalities: Colombians, Ecuadorians, Salvadorans, Guatemalans, Hondurans and Venezuelans, all of them men. Likewise, 15 women without injuries were evacuated from the immigration building.

With information from The nation / The Economist

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