Mexico announces temporary 50% tariff on white corn exports

Mexico announces temporary 50% tariff on white corn exports

“The supply and production of white corn in our country are important factors in determining its price and, therefore, also of the various consumer products made from it,” the text states.

“To guarantee a sufficient supply, it is necessary to maintain national production in our country and ensure market conditions that allow its price to stabilize,” he added. Mexico produces mostly white corn, which it uses for human consumption and with which it makes “tortillas”, basic to the local diet.

The nation is expected to have produced almost 23 million tons of white corn in 2022, according to the most recent scenario of the Ministry of Agriculture (Sader) published in December. The vast majority of the cereal is consumed locally and only a small part is destined for export.

According to the most recent data from Sader, Mexico exported only 238,000 tons of white corn between January and October of last year and imported 614,000 tons of this type of grain in the same period.

Mexico is self-sufficient in white corn, but is highly dependent on imports of yellow corn, which it uses mainly for livestock feed and which it buys almost entirely from the United States.

Both countries are currently in talks over a dispute over the López Obrador administration’s plan to gradually eliminate transgenic corn, produced by the United States, which has warned about the repercussions it may have for its producers.

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