Mexico and Argentina shed their "neutrality" to denounce the expropriation of the OAS headquarters in Managua

Mexico and Argentina shed their “neutrality” to denounce the expropriation of the OAS headquarters in Managua

The member countries of the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS) denounced the actions of the Ortega regime against that regional entity along the same lines. Some countries such as Mexico, Bolivia, Guatemala and Argentina, which had maintained “neutrality” or voting in tune with the Nicaraguan dictatorship; They exhorted Daniel Ortega to comply with the principles of international law.

In the case of Guatemala, its representative Rita Claviere stated that “both the General Assembly and the Council have followed up on the situation in Nicaragua since 2018, seeking through multiple resolutions to recall the means of collaboration and mechanisms that reach a solution peacefully to the crisis facing our sister country. We regret the occupation of your offices, the seizure of files and materials from the diplomatic headquarters that constitute inviolable property.

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Mexico stated that “we observe with concern the possible tendency to randomly interpret the fundamental principles of international law, which erodes the inter-American system. Mexico considers it essential to always act based on international law and comply with the international conventions and standards that are the basis of the high level. In this sense, we reiterate the importance of always acting in accordance with the norms of international law”, said Luz Elena Baños Rivas, Permanent Representative of the Aztec country.

For its part, Bolivia, which has stood firm in supporting the Ortega regime in the OAS, considered that “in this case international law has been violated and we reject any violation of international law, beyond political considerations,” he said. the country briefly like Argentina.

This April 26, the Secretary General of the OAS, Luis Almagro, denounced before the Permanent Council the closure and illegal occupation of its offices in Managua and the expulsion of its officials from the Central American nation. He pointed out that this situation “had never occurred even in times of the worst dictatorships in the region.”

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“We are facing the violation of the most elementary rules that regulate relations between States and international organizations, opening a precedent that the region had not known until now,” added the representative of the international organization.

The dictatorship decided to withdraw the credentials of its representatives to the OAS, Orlando Tardencilla, Iván Lara and Michael Campbell on April 24, and announced the closure of the organization’s office in Managua, calling it an “instrument of Yankee imperialism.” Following the decision of the Nicaraguan administration, Ortega Police officers “occupied the OAS headquarters, seizing its archives, as well as all the existing material and, later, those offices were declared useful by the State.

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