Mexican University will award Pablo Milanés an Honoris Causa doctorate post mortem

The Autonomous University of Zacatecas, in Mexicowill posthumously award the Cuban singer-songwriter Pablo Milanesthe title of Doctor Honoris Causa that the University Council of that institution had scheduled to deliver to him in person next December.

The decision was confirmed this Thursday by Rubén Ibarra Reyes, rector of the high house of studies, who lamented the death of the notable artist on November 22 in Madrid, Spain, as reported the agency Latin Press (PL).

Ibarra Reyes referred to Pablo’s death as “a very sad event for the world of the arts and for society in general,” the information adds.

“He was a great artist, a great composer, a great singer-songwriter, and of course it is a very heartfelt loss for the Autonomous University of Zacatecas, due to the closeness of our institution to the Cuban people and government,” said the Mexican rector, quoted by PL.

After the death of the artist, the delivery of the doctorate Honoris Causa in person was frustrated, but not the desire to honor him on the part of the Mexican educational institution.

“For now, we are going to respect the prudent time due to the mourning that the family of Pablo Milanés has to experience, and after that, talk with them and see the issue,” the university authority explained.

Originally, the delivery of the high distinction to the iconic singer-songwriter from the Island was scheduled for last September 27, but it was necessary to postpone it due to Pablo’s state of health, which was already delicate and prevented him from traveling to Zacatecas. He then postponed it to December 2.

“With his death we have nothing left but to respectfully mourn him and his family, so that we can then see a future date and do it posthumously,” said Ibarra Reyes, who also highlighted the importance of the artist for Cuban culture and latin american.

Pablo Milanés: vocation to found

The death of the founder of Nueva Trova shocked the world of Ibero-American music and culture in general, and generated countless expressions of heartfelt pain among intellectuals and lovers of his work.

By family decision, the great artist’s burial took place in Spain, where he had resided for several years. Relatives, friends and followers attended his funeral chapel this Wednesday, at the Casa de América in the Spanish capital, to pay tribute to him and say their last goodbyes.

At the time of his death, at the age of 79, Pablo was admitted to a Madrid hospital due to “the effects of a series of recurring infections” derived from the oncohematological disease that he had suffered for several years, according to his artistic office.

With his departure, he left as a legacy more than 400 compositions, many of them inseparable themes from the soundtrack of several generations, and his recording work deserved worldwide recognition, including great awards such as the Grammys won in 2006, 2015 and 2015. In addition, he was recognized in 2005 with the National Music Award.

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