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Mexican police rescue 11 Cubans who tried to cross the Rio Grande

MIAMI, United States. – The Police of the state of Coahuila and agents of the National Migration Institute (INM) of Mexico rescued more than a dozen Cubans who asked for help while crossing the Rio Grande, according to the local newspaper Plinth.

According to the report, the 11 Cubans, the three Nicaraguans and the Colombian who were rescued were about to drown.

The rescue occurred in the area near the Simas hole, in the Santa María neighborhood.

According to him PlinthJust a few hours before, the authorities reported the disappearance of several minors who were trying to cross the Rio Grande in a group of seven people. The media did not specify the nationality of the disappeared.

Once again, the Mexican authorities asked the migrants not to try to cross the Rio Grande, in whose waters missing persons are frequently reported.

Cubans risk their lives in the Rio Grande

just a week ago, transcended that an 82-year-old Cuban woman had managed to cross the Rio Grande after facing its strong currents.

The old woman, identified as Marta, had left Cuba for Nicaragua with her grandson Andris, according to the journalist. Yusnaby Perezfrom Telemundo 51.

“We had many difficulties, but at last we arrived. (…) I almost couldn’t stand it. When they found me I thought I was going to die. She was dehydrated. They gave me water, they put water on my neck to make me feel better,” said the old woman.

The old woman, her grandson (left) and Telemundo 51 journalist Yusnaby Pérez (Photo: Yusnaby Pérez/Twitter)

At the beginning of this month, the news of a Cuban who managed to cross the Rio Grande and reach the United States was also known. with one leg.

Also this month, it was learned of the death of Juan Miguel Matamoros Cagides from Pinar del Río. The 25-year-old died trying to cross the Rio Grande, through the Piedras Negras region, in Coahuila.

While last April the Impact Vision News program broadcast live the crossing of the river by a group of Cuban migrants, with whom they were traveling a girl and also people from Venezuela and Nicaragua. During the trajectory, with the water up to their waists and their hands diced, they had to face strong currents, especially in the last section.

On the 13th of the same month, local media outlets reported that in a single day more than 300 Cubans They had crossed this river.

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