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Mexican League will implement a stopwatch to increase effective playing time

General Martín Ledesma was a bad visitor and defeated Sportivo Luqueño today (1-2) to leave the top spot in Intermediate 2022 in the power of Pastoreo and Sportivo Trinidense.

The cast from Capiatena prevailed over the blue and gold pride at the Feliciano Cáceres stadium with goals from Jorge Guerrero (41′) and Alan Ledezma (against, 74′). Diego Fernández made the temporary equalizer (64′).

Luqueño finished with 10 due to the expulsion of Fernando Benítez in the first stage.

In this way, Miguel Àngel Zahzú’s team lost the undefeated and the top of the classification, which is now in the hands of Pastoreo and Trinidense.

A little earlier, in the Jardines del Kelito, on February 3, they took the three points back to Ciudad Del Este by prevailing against River Plate with José Silva’s solitary goal.

The grid continues tomorrow with a set in the morning and another in the evening slot.

date 9

-Saturday May 21

*Sportivo May 2 PJC 1-2 Deportivo Santaní

*Athletic Collegiate 1-2 Sportivo Iteño

-Sunday May 22

*Sportivo Trinidense 1-0 Atyra FC

*Pastoreo FC 0-0 Rubio Wildebeest

-Monday, May 23

*River Plate 0-1 Atletico February 3

*Sportivo Luqueno 1-2 General Martin Ledesma

-Tuesday May 24

*Guarani from Trinidad vs. Fernando de la Mora

*Stadium: Don Carlos Memmel (Cambyretá).

Hours: 10:00 (TV).

Referee: Gedidias Zacarias.

Assistants: Cristóbal Alderete and Saturnino Cáceres.

Fourth referee: Sergio Melgarejo.

* Sportivo San Lorenzo vs. Independent CG

Stadium: Gunther Vogel (San Lorenzo).

Hours: 18:30 (TV).

Referee: Cesar Herebia.

Assistants: Roberto Azari and Francisco Ramos.

Fourth referee: Luis Urunaga.


Sportivo Trinidense 19, Pastoreo 19, Sportivo Luqueño 18, Sportivo San Lorenzo 17, General Martín Ledesma 15, Independiente CG 14, Guaraní de Trinidad 13, Rubio Ñu 12, Fernando de la Mora 10, Deportivo Santaní 9, Atlético Colegiales 9, Sportivo Iteño 9, February 3 CDE 8, River Plate 7, Atyrá 3, Sportivo May 2 PJC 2.

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