Mexican Alejandro Casales wins Casa de la Américas Composition Award 2023

The Composition Prize House of the Americas in its ninth edition was awarded this Friday to the work The fractal dimension of space broccoliby the Mexican composer Alejandro Casales Navarrete.

The jury, made up of Wilma Alba Cal (Cuba), Rodrigo Sigal (Mexico) and Francisco Colasanto (Argentina), highlighted that the selected work is “very harmonious” and that it stood out for being “the most organic in its interaction between video and music,” according to a report from the Prensa Latina (PL) agency.

The panel also valued this production for the work on visual and sound spatiality, and also decided to give a special mention to the work Variation on a Theme by Pendereckiby David Marino Pedroza, Venezuela “for his proposal for the innovative development of sound and visual elements”, indicates the minutes of the contest reviewed by the newspaper.

The composers who evaluated the works in the competition coincided in pointing out the presence of a high diversity of compositional proposals and techniques shown with the high level of development required by this discipline in the region.

To the most recent edition of the award, 27 works of visual music signed by composers from 11 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean were sent.

Casales, winner of this call, studied at the National School of Music in Mexico City. He has a degree in Fine Arts and a Master’s in Cultural Management and Education, PL specifies.

The one deserving of mention, the Venezuelan Marino Pedroza, is a composer and teacher. His production goes through orchestral, chamber and solo music, including electronics and video art.

In addition, he is a graduate of the Master’s Degree in Music at the Simón Bolívar University, in the city of Caracas.

Casa de las Américas Award 2023 receives an avalanche of literary works

The jury of the Casa de las Américas Literary Award is also in session these days, coinciding with the 64th anniversary of the Latin American and Caribbean cultural institution.

According to its organizers, the event stands out for its wide participation, since more than 350 short stories had been received, close to 200 testimonials and as many from the rest of the categories.

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