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Metsul warns for the weekend of heavy rains in the north and west of Uruguay

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Metsul warns for the weekend of heavy rains in the north and west of Uruguay

The Brazilian meteorological service MetSul warns of a “new wave of storms with heavy to heavy rain” that will affect the central and northern Argentina and Uruguay the next weekendand wait rains of a month in 24 hours for several departments of the country this Wednesday.

“A center of low atmospheric pressure will suck moisture south of the continent, creating conditions for pulses of heavy to torrential rain.”described MetSul in a statement posted on its website.

The page warned that a first wave occurs in the Uruguayan and Argentine territory from this Tuesday March 21 to this Wednesday 22. a zone of lower atmospheric pressure (which allows the generation of more rain) moves from “west to east”, from Argentina to Uruguay.

The meteorological service warned that in this step “the volumes” of rains “could be very high in a short space of time with cumulative figures for a month in just over 24 hours”and stressed that this could occur especially in the departments of “Río Negro, Paysandú, Durazno, Soriano and Cerro Largo and Treinta Tres”. MetSul calculates that in these areas rainfall will accumulate between 100 and 150mm.

Since March 23 the phenomenon will lose intensity, but from Friday the 24th to Sunday the 26th another area of ​​low pressure will arrive which will follow a trajectory similar to the previous onecausing “unstable weather” with “isolated showers and thunderstorms”reported the Brazilian page.

MetSul indicated that the heaviest rains of this second wave will be seen in central Argentina, where they are expected rains between 50 and 80 mm. On Saturday the 25th the phenomenon will reach the north of Uruguay with more force, with rainfall between 30 and 50mm.

“Stronger storms may occur over the Argentine territory, as well as in the west and north of Uruguay,” indicated the service, adding that on Saturday and Sunday “Strong winds of up to 80 km/h are also expected.”

possible flooding

The Brazilian page highlighted the rains that reached various parts of the country between March 15 and 18, and its importance in the midst of the months of drought.

However, he warned that a second episode of “such heavy rain” in “such a short time” it can cause climatic “disorders”and assured that “it is possible that a drought scenario changes” to different levels of “floods” by “the high volumes that are expected for the next few days”.

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