Messi threw a message: I'm ready.  Let's go Argentina!

Messi threw a message: I’m ready. Let’s go Argentina!

Messi has more followers on Instagram than the entire French team combined. 392 million followers Leo counts for 238.7 the entire French team. Hugo Lloris is the only one on the team who does not have social networks.

Since the World Cup began, Leo Messi has posted on his social network 24 times. The first post was advertising. Leo wore the Leo Messi sweatshirt in collaboration with Hard Rock Café. The second publication already placed Lionel in what has been his home during the World Cup: Qatar University. A photograph with Papu Gómez and Rodrigo de Paul. The third is a video of Messi that recalls Lionel Messi’s entire career with La Albiceleste and Adidas.

The fourth had a global impact and was liked by 31,861,113 people and was the photograph of the Louis Vuitton campaign with Cristiano Ronaldo. An already iconic photo that Annie Leibovitz immortalized with a chessboard as the plot line.

The next post on November 20 was also a commercial, this time for Sorare and also advertising was the following: the Gatorade spot. A video of his memories of the national team with the message “we will all be walking together” marked the day of his debut in the competition.

Argentina’s first victory after the disaster against Saudi Arabia, 2-0 against Mexico) served for Messi to post a photo with the 10 on his back and the message ‘Today we had to win and we could do it’. He had a response from his friend Luis Suárez: “How good, fat man! Congratulations, friend! As always, on the court, and keep talking!” Almost 30 million gave ‘like’.

A union photo after the third match against Poland, a pineapple illustrating Argentina’s qualification for the quarterfinals. Hugs and plays. The next post was advertising again, this time for the popular game Call of Duty. On December 4, two days later, another commercial: LIVE. Argentina continued ahead and Leo published photos of the quarterfinal match against Australia and the message of ‘one more step’. First day with families. A photograph of a very affectionate Leo with Antonela had nearly 17 million likes.

Another commercial on December 5 (Bitget), another one for Gatorade later, and Leo’s post that talked about his 1,000 games with a photo of him dressed in the Barça, national team and PSG shirts and reminding him that “always with the same illusion that I felt the first day”. December 8: another commercial (Pugb Mobile), training and the game again, this time the victory against the Netherlands: “Impressive how the whole team fought, once again together and knowing how to suffer on the pitch.”

Another announcement. This time and the post of ‘to the final’ after the suffered victory against Croatia with a photo of the locker room after the victory. 26,659,413 likes.

Finally this Saturday he sent a strong message to the Argentine people and to all the followers with the message. I’m ready. Let’s go Argentina!! In the photo he is seen in the field prepared for this historic day. The publication already has 11,037,579 likes.


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