Messi debuts as an actor in a series about football

Messi debuts as an actor in a series about football

Leo Messi debuted as an actor in an Argentine series broadcast by ‘streaming’, ‘Los protectores’, in which he plays himself in front of a trio of representatives of soccer players.

This participation occurs in the second season of the comedy from the ‘Star Original Productions’ label, starring the Argentines Adrián Suar and Gustavo Bermúdez and the Colombian Andrés Parra, who put themselves in the shoes of three soccer players’ agents.

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Messi participates in a fun five-minute scene, in which he meets the three representatives to talk about a project to support young people who play for different clubs in Europe and the situation gets out of control due to requests for photos and videos and the business proposal that gives rise to an intense exchange of glances.

The scene finally lightens up with a toast between Messi and the representatives in the seven-episode series that began airing last Sunday on the Star+ streaming service.

Recorded in different locations in Buenos Aires and Paristhe new season offers fun entanglements around the adventures of its three protagonists and reveals the power and competition relationships typical of the world of football representation.

the second season

The second season begins a year after the formation of ‘Los protectores SA’, when its three partners are enjoying having managed to position the company as one of the most important football representation companies in Latin America and Europe and unexpectedly suffer the loss of their portfolio of players, so they will do the impossible to recover what belongs to them.

the new installment It was written by Marcos Carnevale, with the direction of Jorge Nisco and realization of Polka, and takes up the story of the charismatic trio of soccer player representatives made up of Mago (Suar), Reynaldo (Parra) and Conde (Bermúdez), together with great guests and new characters played by Martín Seefeld, Jorgelina Aruzzi, Gastón Soffritti and Karina Mazzocco.

Messi, friend of the artistic director

Messi and Suar, artistic director of Polka, They have known each other since 2015 and caused a stir last March when they went to dinner at a grill in Buenos Aires after the Albiceleste won the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, for which the star had to be escorted by the police to leave the restaurant among the tumult of fans.

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