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Messi adds a new hotel to his chain: what will the five stars that will open in February be like?

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Messi adds a new hotel to his chain: what will the five stars that will open in February be like?

For the most part, footballers have a very short professional life. There are few soccer players who, aged 35 or over, are still on the best pitches, and although this is the case of Lionel Messi, the number ten of the Argentine National Team is already betting on other activities; For example, the real estate business.

The Argentine idol is the owner of MiM Hotels; a hotel chain made up of five already operating establishments that are distributed in different cities in Spain. In addition, in 2021 the hotel chain of ten took over the Casa Canut hotel, located on one of the most popular avenues in the principality of Andorra. More than a year later, the company announced through its official website that the establishment will open its doors next February.

MiM Andorra: Lionel Messi’s five-star hotel

MiM Andorra: Lionel Messi’s five-star hotel

Messi’s sixth hotel will be the first in his portfolio with a five-star category. “We chose this location because Andorra has great sports fans throughout the year. In addition, analyzing the offer of hotels in the center of Andorra, we realized that there was no such thing as a luxury boutique product, with the latest technologies and personalized service”, Gemma Ravasi, general director of MIM Hotels, explained to the Spanish outlet Expansión.

The accommodation will have 34 rooms, which will start at 25 square meters, among which stands out the Leo Messi suite, with details linked to it and an outdoor jacuzzi. Gastronomy will come from Hincha, the new restaurant concept resulting from the MIM alliance and the chef, owner of a Michelin star, Nandu Jubany.

MiM Andorra: Lionel Messi’s five-star hotel

Casa Canut will be managed by Majestic Hotel Group, a company with which the Argentine has an alliance since 2017 for its other hotels in Sitges, Ibiza and Mallorca, where prices per night range from €200 to €400.

What are the other hotels in Messi?

Boutique hotels are located in different cities in Spain.

The first is the Hotel Sigtes which is on the Barcelona Coast and is located just 700 meters from the beach. The place has 77 rooms, a swimming pool, a gym and even a spa.

In 2018, the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) striker acquired the MiM Ibiza is Live. The place is located near one of the most popular urban beaches on the island, ses Figueretes. The hotel has 52 rooms and prices for the stay cost between €226 and €525.

The Sea Sun Fona de s’Illot de Mallorca It is the third in the list of establishments. The hotel is considered “purely Mediterranean” and offers a service “adults only”, since the place is not allowed to enter with minors. Some of the benefits it offers are a glass of cava as a welcome, an hour of spa included and extended entrance and exit of the place.

The hotel MiM Banqueira It is the fourth in the chain and is located next to the Banqueira Beret ski resort. The place has 141 rooms and luxury services for tourists who stay. Among them, a free guided tour of the area and walks under the stars.

By last, the MiM of Sotogrande This four-star hotel is Messi’s fifth boutique hotel. The place has 42 rooms, his own restaurant and an Italian ice cream parlor.

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