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Merchant killed by 7 bullets in La Caleta

LA CALETA, Boca Chica. -A merchant was riddled with seven bullets yesterday afternoon by a subject who was traveling on a grasshopper motorcycle, when he dismounted from his vehicle in front of his residence on Duarte Street, Campo Lindo sector, La Caleta.

Miguel Garabito, 54 years old, who was widely known in La Caleta with the nickname of Miguelon, becomes the fifth victim of crimes that, in a month and ten days, have been registered in Boca Chica and La Caleta.

4 News 24 4pp01
Miguel Garabito

According to reports provided by the National Police, the subject first fired three shots at the merchant and then, being on the ground, fired another four shots at them. The body is in the National Institute of Forensic Sciences (Inacif) and will be delivered today to his relatives.

Reports indicate that the merchant was not robbed of anything by his victimizer, so members of the Criminal Investigations of the National Police (Dicrim), carry out an extensive investigation to determine the motives for the crime.

It was said that the agents are examining video cameras in order to identify the victimizer of the merchant Miguel Garabito and proceed to arrest him and bring him to justice.

Residents in the area where the crime occurred told the authorities that the subject walked around the place several times, apparently waiting for the victim to arrive at his residence on Duarte Adentro street, Campo Lindo sector, La Caleta.

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It was said that Garabito was dedicated to renting vehicles and lending money at a profit and he himself was defined as a well-known and well-known person in La Caleta.

With the murder of Garabito, five people have been killed, four of them shot and one beaten by unknown elements in about 40 days, but as far as is known, so far none of the events have been clarified by the authorities. police.

Last week, the 54-year-old businessman Víctor Manuel Hernández was found dead with signs of violence and gagged in the apartment of Andrés, Boca Chica. Prior to this event, Mrs. Gina Capellán was shot to death at her residence in the La Altagracia sector.

Other events were the murders of a driver leader and a motorcyclist, crimes that are still being investigated by the police authorities in the Boca Chica area.

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