MEPs start petition to promote the closure of torture centers around the world, including El Chipote

With the aim of promoting the closure of all the prisons that have been denounced as centers of torture in the world, including the prison of the Judicial Assistance Directorate (DAJ) of Nicaragua, known as El Nuevo Chipote, the deputies of the European Parliament, for Spain, Leopoldo López Gil and José Ramón Bauzá, have launched a petition that they will circulate to be signed, initially by the European parliamentarians and authorities.

López Gil, in his words to present the initiative, said that, with the petition, they will demand that the European Union join this campaign to achieve the closure of prisons where torture is practiced, according to a press release released by the Libertad Foundation, which was at the presentation.

Referring to this practice that totalitarian governments such as those of Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela generally use, López Gil pointed out that “there is no condition more rogue than the one that a human being can exercise when torturing another human being. When he tries that, by torment, he will reduce the will of that human being »..

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Gil criticized that the authorities of the European Union have received the vice president of the Nicolás Maduro regime, Delcy Rodríguez, whom he pointed out as being responsible for torture centers in Venezuela. “Gentlemen (EU authorities) enough hypocrisy,” said the parliamentarian.

In addition, he pointed out that, unfortunately, “torture is a state policy” in Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Iran and many parts of the world.

The petition was presented during a meeting between MEPs and delegates from civil society organizations, including the Foundation for the Freedom of Nicaragua, on July 19.

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In said meeting, the president of the Fundación Libertad, the former political prisoner and opposition leader, Félix Maradiaga, urged the European authorities to exert greater pressure to achieve the release of Nicaragua’s political prisoners.

Likewise, the opponent explained to the MEPs that El Nuevo Chipote and other Nicaraguan prisons such as La Modelo and La Esperanza, are detention centers where the regime “practices inhuman and degrading treatment that is contrary to international law.”

During the meeting with the MEPs, Maradiaga, who is a member of the collegiate spokesperson for the Monteverde opposition unity initiative, presented a report on the serious human rights situation in the country and insisted that the dictatorship should be required to allow access to a high-level EU commission, which can verify the situation of Monsignor Rolando Álvarez and the other political prisoners.

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