Men aged 25 to 49 top the list of monkeypox infections

The Department of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Health (MINSA) has reported that 79 cumulative cases of monkeypox have been registered in Panama and according to the data, most have been reported in male patients between 25 and 49 years of age.

The Minsa report details that the most affected age groups are: 25-34 years 39 cases; 35-49 years 23 cases and 50-51 years 9 cases. To a lesser extent, 7 cases were recorded in ages 20-24 years and finally 1 case of 19 years.

The data indicates that the majority of cases (78) are men, which represents 98.99% of the infections and one was reported in a woman (1.01%). In the case of the woman, this was detected 15 days ago.

They highlight that the regions where the cases have been filed are: Metro 51 cases; San Miguelito 11 cases; West Panama 10 cases; North Panama 5 cases; Panama East and Chiriquí one case each.
The corregimientos where more than two cases have been presented are: Bella Vista 12, San Francisco 8, Río Abajo 5, Bethania 4, Calidonia 4, Belisario Porras 3, Juan Díaz 3, Parque Lefevre 3, Pedregal 3, Tocumen 3, Victoriano Lorenzo 3, Vista Alegre 2, Mayor Díaz 2, Arnulfo Arias 2, Pacora 2 and Chilibre with 2 cases.

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