Melo: They investigate the murder of a 38-year-old man

On the morning of this Sunday, the stabbing murder of a 38-year-old man was recorded in a confusing incident that occurred in the city of Melo, capital of the department of Long Hill.

The incident occurred at the dawn of Sunday morning. According to the police report, around 5:40 a.m. the hospital de Melo recorded the entry of a man who had stab wounds in the thoracic region, for which they provided him with assistance.

The man arrived at the site in a private vehicle (owned by the wounded man) in which his partner, 23, and his 33-year-old neighbor took him. The subject came from Manuel Lavalleja street in the Anido neighborhood, where he lived. A few minutes after receiving medical attention, he passed away.

Police officers became aware of the situation and went to the site to interview those who brought the wounded man. However, according to what was reported by Telemundo, the statements of both people were contradictory to each other. In this situation, both people were arrested.

I would have killed him after an argument

As indicated by the local journalist Silvia Techera, the now deceased and his partner were at a party, from which they returned home (where the crime would take place) at dawn. Once in the house, the couple had an argument that ended when the woman took a table knife and stabbed him. After the fact, the man called the neighbor, who helped them in the transfer to a medical center.

The victim was a person with a criminal record for a crime of serious injuries in actual repetition with one of personal injuries. The prosecutor Adriana Cruz took charge of the proceedings in the case.

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