MEF promotes investment projects for US$25,000 million

MEF promotes investment projects for US$25,000 million

A group of for the value of US$25,000 million has been promoted by the Specialized Investment Monitoring Team of the .

“The Specialized Investment Monitoring Team is a specialized unit of the MEF that provides permanent monitoring and technical support at all stages of large-scale investment projectsfor the fulfillment of their schedules and execution of their investment”, informed the MEF.

The aforementioned ministry highlighted that in the last two months it has accompanied the execution of the aforementioned projects, including, in addition to the aforementioned, electricity transmission lines, natural gas distribution and mining projects.


Among the projects that are receiving assistance from the MEF are some that are located in the capital, but also others in regions such as Áncash, Cajamarca or Cusco.

Line 2 of the Lima Metro. The authorization for the interference of the track of Station 6 was obtained and the release of interferences and delivery of the area of ​​Station 8 was completed, which will enable civil works for US$ 56 million.

Deepening Retamas. The modification of the Citizen Participation Plan was approved, which will allow the start of the environmental evaluation of a US$ 130 million investment project. Likewise, the Third Supporting Technical Report (ITS) was approved to carry out improvement works for US$ 20 million.

Road Network 4. The ITS of the San Pedrito Polvorín and the Excess Material Deposit were approved, which allows the works of the Chimbote Avoidance to continue with an investment of US$ 148 million.

Chancay Port Terminal. Authorizations for the dumping of industrial wastewater (relocation of 3 submarine emitters) were approved, which makes it possible to complete the area required to carry out the dredging of the port operational zone; in other aspects.

Chinchero International Airport. The execution of the Archaeological Evaluation Plan was authorized: “Racchi Ayllu and Huayllabamba Neighborhood Road”, a necessary milestone for the approval of the Technical File of the Neighborhood Road.

500 kV La Niña – Miguel Grau link. The semi-detailed Environmental Impact Study was approved, thus meeting one of the main milestones for the start of construction of the project, with an investment of US$ 146 million.

South Dock Expansion. the easement contract for the construction of an electric power substation was signed, which will provide energy for the new infrastructure and equipment of Phase 2 of the dock expansion; project that includes a total investment of US$ 620 million.

Yanacocha. The operation of the increase in flow from 1,500 to 2,000 m3/h was authorized between the PAD Carachugo Stage 14 and the Pampa Larga Plant of the “Yanacocha Leaching Plant” benefit concession, this will allow optimizing the operation and maintaining the production of the unit Yanacocha mining company, which would contribute to making the Yanacocha Sulfuros project viable.


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