Meeting with environmental volunteers of Plan V

Through its Plan Vthe Administration seeks to identify problematic environmental situations to be solved in order to work together with the community, especially with young people, and thus generate a great environmental movement in Montevideo.

That is why an organized meeting with volunteers and volunteers who adhered to the Plan, after be announced its launch at the beginning of May this yearto present its main components so that they can spread good environmental practices in their surroundings.

The activity took place in the Blue room of the conference center of the headquarters building on Thursday, June 2, and was attended by more than 200 people.

Montevideo Mayor Carolina Cosse, in charge of presenting Plan V, was accompanied by the departmental government team.

Cosse stated that “protecting the environment is also protecting life, health” and for that the collaboration of all and all is needed.

with the plan Greener Montevideo Wanted “a clean, supportive city, where there are activities and ages come together“, he added.

The director of the Department of Culture, María Inés Obaldía, also spoke, explaining what the Plan ABC+ Sport and Culture and invited volunteers to send their cultural and sports proposals.

It is recalled that The call for volunteers is still open: to join the environmental volunteer program it is necessary to register by completing this web form or join the distribution list through the WhatsApp 092 250 255.

It was reported that volunteers who join Plan V will be able to:

· Promote good environmental practices

They will be able to carry out interactions with their surroundings with the aim of transmitting the various actions and tools that are available within the framework of the Montevideo Más Verde program. Disseminating the videos of the program and sharing the contents of our networks.

· Identify environmental problems

Those who are part of it must be aware of the various communication channels enabled by the Intendancy for receiving information related to environmental and cleaning problems.

In addition, they will be able to convey suggestions and ideas to jointly address and solve the various problems that are identified in the neighborhoods.

· Participate in collective environmental interventions

Those interested in being part of organized actions in the territory may join contributing to the dissemination and inclusion of neighbors in the transmission of good environmental practices with their surroundings, in the knowledge of natural environments and urban and rural biodiversity, among other things.

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