Meet Jackson, the puppy who saved his owner from being stabbed by her ex-partner

Meet Jackson, the puppy who saved his owner from being stabbed by her ex-partner

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Jackson is the name of the canine hero who saved his owner from being stabbed by her ex-partner, in the city of Oruro. The quadruped, who proved to be faithful and brave, confronted the aggressor, who ended up causing two wounds with a knife.

“This subject takes the sharp weapon, the knife, and tries to attack his victim. In these circumstances, fortunately, the dog was in the place, the dog that this lady raises, an animal that comes out in defense of its owner, ”said the departmental director of the Special Force to Fight Violence (Felcv), José Carlos Oak trees.

The police chief indicated that the case is about an attempted femicide and indicated that Jackson’s intervention allowed the woman to ask her neighbors for help and summon the Police.

“Immediately, our unit from the Felcv appears there, which proceeds to the apprehension of this subject. Personnel from Pofoma (Forest and Environmental Protection Police) are also summoned, who immediately transfer the dog to a veterinary center so that he can receive medical attention, ”said Robles.

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Jackson is a black mixed breed puppy who was adopted by the son of the woman he saved. The canid underwent surgery by Zoonosis Oruro staff. The man who almost committed a femicide caused him head and chest injuries.

“The canine arrived with sharp lacerations in the chest and skull sector, thanks to the veterinary professionals of our municipality, the little angel was intervened, tissue cleaning, regeneration, followed by suture of muscles or internal and skin tissues, currently is stable ”, reads a Zoonosis publication.

The victim noted that she had previously been threatened by her ex-partner and thanked Jackson for saving her life.

“My dog ​​has fought a lot with him (my ex-partner), as a person has fought, he has defended me, thanks to my dog ​​I am safe and sound,” he told Cadena A.

Now the woman asks for guarantees for herself and her children, since she fears that the aggressor will make another attempt on her life.

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