Meduca affirms that they will pay 680 teachers by check on July 14

The Ministry of Education (Meduca) communicated, through the Human Resources Directorate, to all the country’s regional education directorates that 680 teachers who received their salary on June 30 with checks that, this July 14, will receive the payment of the first fortnight of July through these same documents.

Mileydis Guerra, National Deputy Director of Human Resources, explained that the teachers, just as they have been appointed by the Selection Commission, payment procedures are carried out to cancel them quickly. This fortnight there is the special case of 680 that will be canceled this Friday for additional forms.

According to Guerra, the Comptroller General of the Republic accepted that the disbursement be made through these forms, since the checks were made. These educators, for this fortnight that was today, will receive their checks on Friday the 14th, in all the regional offices of the country.

They were informed through a circular, and also by email, the list of so that they communicate in the regional offices, that on Friday they will receive their payments. According to the official, most of these teaching professionals are from the regions, from Central Panama, in short, there are all the regional ones.

“We know that all teachers, in areas of difficult access, who are so far from their homes, have expenses and we have done everything possible so that they receive their remuneration as soon as possible,” Guerra pointed out.

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