Médico Seguro: the new medical expenses quoter that puts Mexico at the forefront in the insurance sector

Médico Seguro: the new medical expenses quoter that puts Mexico at the forefront in the insurance sector

The Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions revealed that only two out of 10 people who belong to the economically active population (PEA, 58.2 million people) have personal life insurance. In the case of medical expense insurance, the figure is seven out of every 10 insured who have the protection of a group policy.

One of the biggest obstacles to selecting insurance for major medical expenses, and having the support of a company, is not knowing which one is the right one, since not all users have the same needs, but some want protection to travel, others due to accidents, etc., and do not find the ideal insurance.

However, Mexico has made great strides in the health sector, specifically in medical expense insurance with a new platform that makes it possible for a user to have tailored insurance with one click. It’s called Médico Seguro and it’s the new medical expenses quoter that puts the Mexican nation at the forefront.

through the platform inter.mxfrom INTERprotección, the largest insurance broker in Mexico and Latin America, Médico Seguro allows its users to choose the best option according to their needs.

This tool has a friendly language, without fine print, without bureaucratic procedures and without hours and hours of waiting, allowing more Mexicans to finally find the best option to insure themselves, which can make a huge difference in the figures of the sector.

According to Alonso Pallarés, Chief Digital Officer of inter.mx, the way in which it operates gives priority “to a personalized experience, providing advice and support throughout the process, from the search for options to contracting the service, quoting and comparing with the best insurers in the country, which allows evaluating a variety of options adapted to each person, all within reach of a click”.

How does it work?

To use this calculator, just go to inter.mx and fill out a form to access the information the user needs.

medical insurance It is focused on society in general, on those who care about their health and anticipate risks. To compare, you just have to go to inter.mx and fill out the form. Comparing with the best insurers in the country has no cost and you can customize your insurance and see how it suits you before hiring. When you hire our advisors, they help you obtain your policy in the fastest and easiest way”, explained the manager.

This process is free of charge, the user would take 5 minutes -on average- to carry out their search and obtain the best response to their needs through navigation designed to guarantee an easy experience, even with the added bonus of being able to compare prices between four best insurers in the country.

“The advantage of the new medical expenses quoter, Médico Seguro, is that it does everything for you, taking into account your needs,” added Pallarés.

Choosing insurance for major medical expenses is increasingly important, since it makes a difference in terms of finances, since prices in hospitals or doctors, accidents or illnesses, can be out of the budget, and at that point it is that the support of insurance is essential.

“Having health insurance will prevent you from abusing your credit card, taking out loans or selling your belongings. Insurance should be a priority for you and your family, since we are not exempt from illnesses or accidents”, commented Pallarés.

That is how medical insurance makes it easier for Mexicans to find the best insurance option and sets the standard in the sector, adapting to needs, from the type of coverage, the amount of deductibles, to additional benefits such as dental plan, basic check-up, emergency abroad, accidents without deductibles, among others.

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