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Medicine UNA approves protocol to support the mental health of students

The regulation has the official approval of the Board of Directors of the FCM-UNA headed by the dean, Mg. Prof. Dr. Osmar Cuenca Torres. The Protocol was elaborated by the Mg. Prof. Dr. Julio César Torales, Dr. Noelia Ruíz Díaz and Dr. Marcelo O`Higgins.

This protocol is designed to help teachers, teaching assistants, medical residents, interns, students and their families, officials to make them aware of the resources available to the academic community of FCM-UNA in terms of mental health and the management of crisis situations”, refers the document.

Who to contact?

In the event that a member of the Faculty of Medical Sciences notices in another any alarm sign and risk factors such as statements or threats about harming themselves or harming third parties, among others, if they are a student, they should go to their tutor. . In the case of a resident or an intern, it would be best to contact their head of Resident or Intern Physicians, or their immediate superior.

On the other hand, if the person affected is an official of the FCM, you should go to your immediate superior. This, in turn, will be able to contact the academic and assistance authorities that will be able to offer this person the resources in mental health that the Faculty has.

crisis resources

In the event of a crisis, it is necessary for the person to be able to approach the assistance services by their own means, otherwise, they must be persuaded to agree to go to the Emergency Department of the Hospital de Clínicas de la FCM-UNA.

To consult with the Department of Mental Health, you must access the following link: https://www.timify.com/es-cl/profile/saludmentalfcmuna/

warning signs

Some warning signs and risk factors are: intense sadness, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, social isolation. Likewise, threat of harming oneself or a third party, increased consumption of alcohol or drugs, rage, anger, seeking revenge, among others.


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