Medical union points out that guard "fully uncovered" it is ASSE’s responsibility

He Uruguayan Medical Union (SMU) stated that the “totally uncovered” guard that the Vilardebó Hospital suffers this weekendand from which health authorities reported, It has nothing to do with a union measure. They assured, through a statement, that “the psychiatrists of that institution are fulfilling their position with the defined and agreed schedule in each functional commitment.”

“The lack of coverage of the guards that is being denounced is the absolute responsibility of the management of the Hospital and of the management of ASSE in this regard,” they added.

On the other hand, they indicated that together with the Psychiatric Society they submitted to ASSE a coverage proposal to be able to cover more hours more than a month ago and received no response. They clarified that, in any case, it is not their responsibility.

In turn, they will meet with ASSE Mental Health authorities on March 20 to continue the negotiations that began in December.

“It vindicates, once again, the importance of the joint action of the health team and also the solidarity between the unions of workers that group them, even more so when this institutional leadership has demonstrated its inability to manage this serious situation,” they closed.

What happens in Vilardebó?

The State Health Services Administration (ASSE) reported in a statement that from this Saturday at 8:00 a.m. to Sunday at the same time, the guard of the Vilardebo Hospital It would be cared for by authorities together with the Mental Health Department and the health center management team.

“It occurs by virtue of the measure adopted by the professionals, when a new instance of negotiation was set for next Monday,” they maintain in the same statement in which they assure that the guard was “left uncovered” by the center’s professionals.

Among the authorities who, according to official communication, are working this Saturday at the hospital are the president of ASSE, Leonardo Cipriani, the director of Mental Health, Eduardo Katz, and the director of the Hospital, Paula Sakissián.

in dialogue with The Observer, Eduardo Katz pointed out that it is a measure that is not under the protection of a union measure. “The management team generated a spreadsheet so that they cover in one way or another 24 hours a day, seven days a week, because that is what corresponds. Many psychiatrists don’t like that spreadsheet because they don’t want to work on weekends”He maintained and clarified that the Saturday guard was “totally uncovered” both in the day shift, when three professionals would work, and in the night shift, when two jobs should have been covered.

“We are not office hierarchs. When we have to leave the suit and tie and we have to put on the tunic, we come and do it,” he said and anticipated that the Sunday guard would be covered until now.

Katz pointed out in turn that The minimum staff to provide medical care at the reference center are four psychiatrists on the day shift and two on the night shift. “If not, they do not attend because it is the minimum amount”, she indicated and considered that the attention should be provided anyway, “even if it takes more time”.

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