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MEC revokes ordinance on the opening of medical courses

The Ministry of Education (MEC) revoked an ordinance published by the previous administration, by then-minister Victor Godoy, in the government of Jair Bolsonaro. The ordinance brought new rules for opening medical courses in the country. According to the current Minister, Camilo Santana, the repeal was based on the “principle of prudence”.MEC revokes ordinance on the opening of medical courses

“I decided to revoke it on the principle of prudence, before it takes effect, so that a careful and safe assessment of its terms can be made”, explained the minister in a social network. In the last hours of December 31st and, consequently, of the end of the previous government, the MEC published the ordinance. These new rules, according to Godoy, valued the relationship between the course and the local Unified Health System (SUS) network.

“MEC Ordinance that values ​​the Doctors for Brazil program and determines that the opening of private medicine courses that use the public health network make important transfers to the SUS and grant scholarships to needy students was revoked by the new government”, published Godoy also in the social media.

According to the former minister, the ordinance updated the documents and requirements for authorization, recognition and renewal of medical course recognition and created the Medical Residency Qualification Plan. This plan would qualify existing programs and could also create new programs and vacancies.


Santana justified the revocation by virtue of its publication having occurred “strangely, at the end of the lights, on the last day of the year, without even having a conclusive legal opinion from the MEC Legal Consultancy”. Santana added that he will not maintain a structure in the MEC that is outside the systemic vision desired by the new government for education. The new portfolio administration also extinguished the Literacy Secretariat (Sealf).

For Godoy, “Sealf brought proven and scientific gains for literacy”. His successor understands that this secretariat, as it was presented, was not within the intentions of the new government for literacy policies. “Brazilian literacy has regressed absurdly in recent years”, he criticized.

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