MEC occupied by students from IPA and Cerp Sur de Atlántida

Members of the student union of the Instituto de Profesores Artigas (IPA) and the Cerp Sur de Atlántida Student Center (Ceca) occupied the headquarters of the Ministry of Education and Culture located in Ciudad Vieja on Wednesday morning. This action is framed in the conflict between the unions and the government for educational transformation.

For their part, the students, who hung several posters with claims and criticisms of the authorities, issued a statement stating that “after several instances of dialogue and without any results, the students organized in the CEIPA and CECA decided to occupy the Ministry of Education and Culture since this body after the law of urgent consideration increasingly takes more place in what has to do with educational policies, violating the autonomy of ANEP. This is expressed in the validation of the university nature of training courses in education as well as the allocation received as scholarships for public and private, ignoring the Education Training Council».

The action seeks to “open real spaces for negotiation in the face of reforms and resources that affect the trajectories of students.”

Minister Pablo Da Silveira reported on his Twitter account that the occupants are “IPA militants” and that they took over the ground floor of the building, not allowing workers to enter. “Another violation of the rights and freedoms of all. They will not intimidate us », he replied.

From the portfolio they have already requested the Ministry of the Interior to vacate the place, as established by the regulations, according to what Telemundo learned. In the place is the director of Coexistence and Citizen Security of the Interior, Santiago González, as he has usually happened with the occupations of educational centers.

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