MEC acquires “gold” televisions

Last Monday, April 18, the National Directorate of Public Procurement (DNCP) published that the company Sertel Sociedad Anónima was awarded a total value of G. 9,729 million (US$ 1.4 million) by the Ministry of Education and Sciences ( MEC).

It managed to win the tender called “Acquisition of Televisions (Smart TV), pluriannual” with the ID 401,257.

The aforementioned institution awarded one item; 2,070 units of 55″ Smart TV with a unit price of G. 4,700,000. The aforementioned firm has Cinthia Alderete and Ana Laura Noceda as legal representatives. Sertel Sociedad Anónima was the only company that presented itself to the call.

The cost of each 55′ television of the WIN brand is G. 4.7 million. In total, the MEC will acquire 2,070, so the total cost of the call will be G. 9,729 million (US$ 1.4 million).

However, when looking at the price of the same product with some suppliers, they informed us that it had a maximum price of G. 4.1 million per unit. However, when making inquiries about the wholesale value of the product, we were told that it would be around G. 2.7 million to G. 3 million per unit.

If we take into account the value of G. 3 million per television, this tender generates an extra cost of just over G. 3,500 million, in the best of cases.

Robert Cano, in charge of the call from the Ministry of Education (MEC), said that the price includes not only the provision of the television, but also the transfer to each of the 300 schools of the project that are distributed throughout the country.

“In addition to the installation in each of the classrooms from first to sixth grades of the aforementioned schools, it also includes technical service throughout the country, for repairs due to manufacturing defects. That information is part of the documentation of the call ”, he replied.

These are urban and rural schools, throughout the country.

“The installation consists of the provision and fixing of a support that must be installed at a suitable height on the wall of each room, and the subsequent placement of the television itself. It also includes the provision of a 5 meter long HDMI cable, to connect it to other devices”, he finally commented.

We tried to communicate with the legal representatives of the firm, however, their secretary told us that they were absent and that they would call us back if they did not return. Several days later we still cannot communicate with them.

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