Mayor's Office denounces the Autonomous Community for irregular charges to 90 officials

Mayor’s Office denounces the Autonomous Community for irregular charges to 90 officials

January 17, 2023, 4:59 PM

January 17, 2023, 4:59 PM

The Mayor’s Office of Santa Cruza de la Sierra adhered to the complaint against the Autonomous Community for the crimes of concussion and benefits due to the position, as announced Bernardo Montenegro, spokesman for the General Directorate of Legal Affairs. The complaint refers to a possible irregular collection of a percentage of salaries to 90 municipal government officials.

In response to these accusations, councilman Juan Carlos Medrano discredits it and assures that the only thing that looking for is divert attention

In the vicinity of the Montenegro Departmental Prosecutor’s Office, he made the complaint public. “We adhere to a complaint in the Prosecutor’s Office to investigate the diversion of money, for the crime of concussion and benefits based on the charge“, he explained.

Some time ago, the Mayor’s Office had indicated that “the bench of the Autonomous Community had 90 items as part of a political agreement to guarantee the development of the current management.”

For the spokesman who represents the interests of the municipality, these charges were known to the opposition bench, “and it is through these charges that individuals have enriched themselves through irregular collections.” What’s more, Montenegro linked “an official, very close to Gary Añez and (the councilor) Juan Carlos Medrano” as responsible for the collections.

The discounts for each of the 90 officials amounted to at least 10 percent of salaries. “These were done through QR and bank transfers. But it will be the Public Ministry that is in charge of carrying out all the investigations of the case,” Montenegro said.

From the bench of the Autonomous Community, councilor Juan Carlos Medrano considers these complaints as a smoke screen to what is really important.

“They are going to present their false witnesses. What happens is that now the Comptroller’s report has come out (on the hiring of the company in charge of urban cleaning)because the Mayor’s Office manipulated the tender to drive away legally established companies and give it to a sole proprietorship with no experience”, Medrano stated.

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