Mayors of Morena accuse persecution in Tamaulipas; prosecutors deny it

Mayors of Morena accuse persecution in Tamaulipas; prosecutors deny it

Prosecutors deny persecution against mayors

The Tamaulipas anti-corruption prosecutor explained in interview on Radio Formula that they only have an arrest warrant against the licensed mayor of Reynosa, Carlos Peña, who is the son of Maki Ortiz, former mayor of the same municipality, also included in deputy Humbero Prieto’s list of supposedly persecuted characters.

“This anti-corruption prosecutor’s office, which is autonomous, only has an arrest warrant for what he is in his person and we have another case in which there is still no arrest warrant, the mayor of the capital of Cd. Victoria (Mario López), but he is another topic, it is about his links with Sergio Carmona, the businessman who was murdered, ”said prosecutor Raúl Ramírez.

The official denied that there are arrest warrants against other officials, but there are investigation files.

“Yes, there are some other folders, but they are folders, there is no arrest warrant, they are in the investigation phase, in number there may be around five folders,” he said in the radio interview.

For her part, the prosecutor specializing in electoral crimes in Tamaulipas, Krisna Judith Villado Mejía, stated that as far as her prosecution is concerned, there are no 14 arrest warrants against morenistas, as the mayors of that party have pointed out.

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