Mayor: with the update of the census and the expansion of the universe of taxpayers, Bs 2,500 million of own income would be achieved

Mayor: with the update of the census and the expansion of the universe of taxpayers, Bs 2,500 million of own income would be achieved

48% of the income budget of the municipality of Santa Cruz corresponds to its own income, the Mayor’s Office announced during the initial Public Rendering of Accounts 2022, this Friday. The budget for this management is Bs 3,407,406,667.

Mayor Jhonny Fernández announced that they are generating policies to expand the universe of taxpayersbut that they are also following up on the population and housing census process, since in this way they will be able to increase their own income to 2,500 million.

“There are almost Bs 500 million that do not enter us through co-participation, for not having updated census data. And that is an imbalance because we have more inhabitants, but we do not have enough income. That is a task that we already have underway, and we are not going to rest from following up on the work, implementation and execution of the population and housing census scheduled for this year”, he stated.

On the other hand, it was learned that 82.63% of the budget will be allocated to investment programs, which will be assigned to economic reactivation, through national support programs for production and employment. On this subject, he indicated that to date: “we have reactivated the economy with 36 thousand new jobs.”

Fernández reported that he is taking steps to obtain financing through private companiesbut also from international organizations.


The mayor referred to the paving works in the city, which will be 200 kilometers distributed in different districts. He announced viaducts in Plan 3,000, the fourth ring road and Virgen de Cotoca avenues, a double lane to La Guardia and the entrance to Urubó, but also on the road that leads to the nuclear hospital, which is being built by the national government.

On the other hand, he announced double lane in the third ring road, between Beni, Alemanya and Mutualista avenues. Similarly, he referred to the third ring tunnel and the El Trompillo airport, whose tender will be announced in September.

The mayor stated that will revitalize the city center, where flexible pavement will be laidinstead of the tiles that, however, will remain within the historic center.

Regarding the drainage canals, he reported that Bs. 70 million (in two stages) in its repairalthough Bs 200 million are required, which will be requested from the national government to complete these works.

While the works of spare parts of educational infrastructures require Bs 60 million, but works have already been carried out with Bs 40 million. Because maintenance is permanent, the authority indicated that micro-enterprises will be created in each district, so that residents of these areas can provide the services. The budget for maintenance of educational units is Bs 20 million, according to what he said. The mayor announced that he will deliver the Fine Arts educational module next September.

In another area, Fernández indicated that they are working on signage in the city, but that they prioritize the center and places where there are schools. He pointed out that the municipality will have software for traffic control and that, with the approval of the Transportation Law, which is already before the Council, there will be significant improvements in the city’s transportation system. He mentioned, for example, the collection of electronic tickets, security cameras inside the buses; regulation of the routes and the types of buses that will circulate and that the transport service will work 24 hours a day.

Another project is the implementation of public toilets in the city, whose administration will be ceded to organizations in need of obtaining funds, to provide social services, such as Fusindo.

The mayor bets on an intelligent government with the use of technology. He announced online procedures, starting with those related to the approval of plans, land use and cadastral certification, in addition to the collection of municipal taxes.

In another area, he referred to the markets, which will be given in concession so that merchants invest and build more modern centers. In any case, he referred to the construction of the new Abasto Sur market, with an investment of US$9 million, and the Mutualista market, with an investment of US$15 million.

Regarding citizen security, he stated that they will buy 500 alarms to be distributed in the neighborhoods of the municipality and that the monitoring center will be improved.

In works for culture, highlighted the renovation of the House of Culture, with an investment of more than one and a half million Bolivians.


The works for Health will be focused, according to Fernandez, on the construction of new centers, but also in equipment (Bs 48 million) and in the purchase of inputs, in the latter case, Bs 25 million were allocated.

The mayor reported that he made arrangements with the national government to obtain new health items for expand health center care from 12 to 24 hoursfor which they will need 950 items or contracts.

Regarding the fight against Covid-19, he described it as successful and announced that from this Sunday there will be brigades that visit the neighborhoods carrying diagnostic tests and vaccines. For this, he will have the support of private companies, according to what he said. He also asked the population to get vaccinated to protect themselves from the coronavirus.

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