Mayor of Maracaibo estimates that in 2023 he can make a labor agreement with workers

Mayor of Maracaibo estimates that in 2023 he can make a labor agreement with workers

Rafael Ramírez Colina, mayor of Maracaibo, believes that a salary range between 70 and 300 dollars could be established. He also explained that this jurisdiction could be in technical closure if it only depended on the constitutional situation.

The mayor of Maracaibo in Zulia state, Rafael Ramírez Colina, reported this Wednesday, January 25, that among the plans for 2023 is to be able to establish a collective agreement with the workers of that jurisdiction to improve and standardize certain levels for those who work there.

In an interview granted to Circuit Hits, Ramírez explained that they cannot reach a collective contract with the workers because that would be very expensive for the Mayor’s Office, but he does want to reach that agreement. In his opinion, the base salary should be around 70 dollars and for intermediate professionals, around 300 dollars and thus compensate for the issue of professionalization and work.

He stressed that the Maracaibo Mayor’s Office is maintained by the income they obtain through tax collection, since if they depended on the constitutional situation they would be in “technical closure” because they would not have enough to attend to everything.

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“There is no way to sustain it with the income that comes from national bodies. With our income, we are allowed to do some hiring and operations, “explained Ramírez Colina.

He said that the providers that serve the Mayor’s Office charge in bolivars, but he clarified that the least loss is sought for them with the exchange differential.

The mayor of Maracaibo clarified that the situation that comes to them is already conditioned by a discount that the Patria system makes to pay the workers’ payroll. In this sense, he revealed that about 500,000 bolivars arrive a month (about 23,000 dollars) that are used for operating expenses or parafiscal expenses.

He indicated that the average salary of employees is between 10 and 11 dollars, as well as warning that there is an “abysmal gap” in salaries like the so-called environmentalist, who is the one who sweeps the streets, like the one who is in the office. Those who clean under the sun earn six dollars a week while an employee has a monthly income of between $25 and $30.

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He explained that adjustments have been made to the Patria System, but at the same time there are limits that limit the process over time. Therefore, if it reaches the ceiling in people and amounts, salaries cannot be raised even if the bolivar continues to devalue.

Rafael Ramírez commented that they are making efforts to alleviate the economic situation of the employees of the Mayor’s Office of Maracaibo, such as integrating a transportation route so that they do not spend on tickets; eventual markets that are subsidized and a health care service for officials to cover as far as possible.

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