Mayor of León ignores "a friendly Bishop" and announces works around the Cathedral

Mayor of León ignores “a friendly Bishop” and announces works around the Cathedral

The mayor’s office of León announced renovation works to beautify the surroundings of the Cathedral, without taking into account the opinion of the Bishop and parishioners, which has generated criticism, for not knowing the scope of the works that are being carried out, they would be millionaires.

The launch of the work was announced in the middle of a political rally in gratitude for the management carried out by the Ortega and Murillo dictatorship with the taxes of the Nicaraguan people, on the northeast street of the cathedral, whose architectural design celebrates 12 years of being designated a World Heritage Site. Meanwhile, citizens complain about the lack of municipal management to solve problems in neighborhoods and communities.

A total of C$8,746,918.79 will be the amount that the mayor of León will invest for the so-called project «Beautification of Pedestrian Walks around the Plaza Parque Juan José Quezada»This was announced this Wednesday, June 28, by the Sandinista mayor Gissela María Lacayo, during the launch of the project on the northeast side of the Cathedral.

According to the mayor, the project consists «in beautify» five streets that will be pedestrian walkways in the surroundings of the Plaza in which it includes; west side of the Central Park, east side of the León City Hall, north side of the Cathedral, north side of the San Ramón school and east side of the La Asunción school.

Will you relocate small businesses?

He added that in the place, 20 muppy will also be installed, which includes electrical installation, 50 benches with recycled plastic backing, 22 recycled plastic ring garbage cans, 115 outdoor standing lanterns, irrigation pipe, installation of grass, 105 trees of madroño and the improvement of 1,151.33 meters of existing sidewalks.

«Everything looks pretty but the truth is that they should worry about rearranging the street vendors in the square and around the cathedral because it looks like a market»stated Carlos Hernández, consulted by this means of communication.

Mayor of León ignores "a friendly Bishop" and announces works around the Cathedral

Images of how the platforms that are on the outskirts of the metropolitan cathedral will be remodeled.

Mario, a Leonese academic, recalled that nothing is normal in the country since 2018, and took advantage of the interview to send a message to the public. «Dear Nicaraguan brothers, do not be fooled by this dictatorship, this is nothing more than populism at its best because with propaganda like they are, the Sandinistas, they seek to distract us from the issues that really concern and matter to us as citizens.»called.

Annoyed by waste of resources

Likewise, the use of taxes from the people of Leon causes discomfort among citizens. «This is wasteful in political propaganda, funds are allocated for unnecessary projects»criticized another Leonese citizen.

In the La Poza and Los Clavos regions, in León, families complained on social networks, and they say they are uncertain because the bridge where they travel daily is clogged with sediment and garbage, carried away by the current in winter and by the lack of maintenance.

«We need you to help us with this situation. We call on the Mayor’s Office to send the cleaning services because children who go to school or adults to work pass through here, and it is dangerous to travel through it, and the smell cannot be tolerated.»said a resident.

«Every time it rains hard we worry because the riverbed overflows and the nearby houses are flooded and it can cause another misfortune like the one that happened the other night when a neighbor went out in the rain to remove the garbage and fell into the riverbed and drowned. Our authorities know about this problem and never solve it»Carlos commented.

But the play goes «smooth sailing”

According to the specifications, the project near the Cathedral will last 60 days, although Mayor Lacayo did not make it clear on what date it would start. The work will be financed with municipal transfer funds, administered by the Nicaraguan Institute for Municipal Development, Inifom.

This June 28 marks the 12th anniversary that the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) named the Cathedral of León as a World Heritage Site along with 25 other sites worldwide. An important date not only for the country, but also for the Catholic Church, the community and great historians of Nicaragua’s cultural and religious heritage for having a monument worthy of admiration for the world.

It was learned that on this occasion, the opinion of Monsignor René Sandigo, bishop of the Diocese of León, was not consulted or taken into account because it is a work that will be carried out around the historical monument hoarded by emblems of the regime and commerce informal.

By: United Voices.

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