Mayor of Cúcuta: We will import raw materials from Venezuela

For the mayor of Cúcuta, Jairo Tomás Yáñez, said this Wednesday that with the reopening of the Colombian-Venezuelan border from the Colombian city, it will be possible to attract investment and think about importing raw materials from Venezuela, “carrying out the process of transforming these here in our country and export them again».

During an interview with Sputnik, he said that in Cúcuta over the years, the infrastructure capacity has decreased a lot and «so we can give each other a hand. Cúcuta wants to be the umbilical cord of the recovery of Venezuela.

Yáñez pointed out that the reopening of the border must be seen beyond the commercial issue. “You have to think about a social reconversion and a joint effort between two brother countries to fight against drug trafficking, the common enemy that dominates the area.”

The Cucuteño mayor stressed that it is time to resume relationships of trust in order to live in community and to support those who generate new jobs. “We are ready to work hand in hand with the Government of President Gustavo Petro and that Cúcuta and the border are not, as they have been, an explosive zone, but a territory of peace,” said Yánez.

«The idea is to work with national entities to reactivate commercial tourism, organize transport systems that help move goods. In fact, we have thought of creating large international parking lots for Venezuelans to leave their cars while they do their business,” said the Colombian Mayor.

Finally, the mayor of Cúcuta supports the positive initiatives that come and that, in the near future, help a population on both sides.

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