El alcalde José Andújar favorece creación de nueva provincia

Mayor José Andújar favors the creation of a new province

Santo Domingo – The mayor of the municipality of Santo Domingo Oeste, José Andújar today favored the creation of the new province “Matías Ramón Mella”, considering it would have a great impact to achieve the development of the different productive sectors.

Andújar said that the new jurisdiction that arises in the National Congress would bring with it the installation of new public institutions and a larger budget, to offer better services to citizens.

“We are aware of the large population that the province has, as well as the high demand for services from the municipalities and the low allocations from the government to guarantee services, so it is necessary to make the territorial division,” he argued.

The municipal official said that at present it is almost impossible for the senator and the governor’s office to respond and assist the needy people of the different demarcations.
Likewise, the Municipal Executive insisted that the initiative of deputy Tonty Rutinel to divide the current province of Santo Domingo has its support, considering that it would contribute to promoting its full development.

The Chamber of Deputies recently approved the bill that seeks to create the Matías Ramón Mella province, dividing Santo Domingo in two, made up of the municipalities of Santo Domingo Norte, Santo Domingo Oeste, Los Alcarrizos and Pedro Brand, with their municipal districts.

While the project would also leave the Este, Boca Chica and Guerra municipalities, with their respective municipal districts and their rural sections, to Santo Domingo.

Currently, the Dominican Republic has 32 senators, one for each province of the country, which would increase to 33 with the new demarcation and should be elected by popular vote in the elections.

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