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Mayor Irací Hassler: “I don’t see a complex on the left with security”

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The mayor of Santiago, Iraqi Hassler (PC) addressed the acts of violence recorded in recent weeks and the situation in his commune. Regarding violence, he stated that “we have always condemned it”, but that “solving it is not as simple as condemning it”. In addition, he stated that he does not see “a complex left with security”.

“We have always condemned violence, but solving it is not as simple as condemning it, but it implies being able to solve underlying problems that our country has so that there is a better coexistence and, as I was saying, strengthening social rights,” said the mayor in conversation with Third.

“Rather than being more or less harsh, this government and our sector are very clear about the concern of citizens with security. Most of us live in the neighborhoods of Santiago, including the President, we know their reality. I do not see a complex of the left with security, but an empathy with the problem and a priority.

student mobilizations

The communal chief was also consulted by the mobilizations of high school students in the commune, demanding improvements in infrastructure and denouncing the lack of teaching staff.

“Our task is to rebuild relations in our 44 educational establishments after a period in which there was a lot of violence and lack of dialogue. For this, listening to the students is fundamental and I have received here (in the municipality) the students of the National Institute and I’ve met with many high school and college communities,” Hassler said.

“I think that this attitude marks a very profound difference in how this issue had been approached from a central and communal government that sought to criminalize,” he emphasized.

“During my administration there will be no police officers on the roofs of the National Institute and neither will they enter schools. It is not an easy path, but through dialogue we have generated repairs in establishments and a change in comprehensive, non-sexist and environmental sexual education, which are priorities that the educational communities have put on the table”, added the mayor.

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