Mayor Hassler and new protests by street vendors in Barrio Meiggs: “Many believe they own public space”

The mayor of Santiago, Irací Hassler, addressed the current situation of the commune after the various police interventions and evictions that Carabineros have carried out in the face of the latent itinerant trade in the sector.

During the morning of this Tuesday, a group of irregular merchants from Barrio Meiggs arrived at the Municipality of Santiago to protest in order to obtain solutions and answers on permits that allow them to carry out their work on public roads.

in conversation with meganewsHassler stated that “we have managed, based on a definition of the State, to intervene in a place to recover it for citizens. A point where many people believe they are owners of public space, and there have even been situations of possession of weapons and organized crime” .

“People here do not own public space. There may be people who want to take advantage of the situation, but this cannot be,” he said.

“Space is limited, but we have made progress in traveling fairs in Santiago that promote crafts and culture in the community,” he added. In any case, the mayor of Santiago reported that there are currently no quotas to be part of this Traveling Fair.

On the other hand, he added that the Internal Revenue Service, Customs and the Investigative Police (PDI), have done a good job, managing to detect counterfeit products, as well as “the money route” of people inspected in the sector.

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