May closes with two femicides: victims were elderly

May closes with two femicides: victims were elderly

Two women from the third were murdered at the end of May, as reported on Thursday by the Violence Observatory of the Catholic organization for the Right to Decide (CDD).

The first victim corresponds to the name of Maria Odilia Olivas, 83 years old, originally from the municipality of Telica, in the department of León, murdered on May 28 by her grandson, identified as JJohn Jose Obando Olivas, 38 years old.

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According to Martha Flores, director of CDD, the crime was committed due to a property dispute. The femicide is detained in the city of León. Relatives so far have not referred to the case.

On the 31st of the same month another femicide was registered against Ines Luna, a 74-year-old woman who lived in the municipality of Esquipulas, Matagalpa. According to the data obtained by the feminist organization, the actors of the crime were two unknown subjects, “those who took advantage of the night and that it was raining to commit the crime.”

It is known that Luna was originally from the municipality of San Marcos Carazo, where she was buried this Thursday. So far it is known that the Police captured the two suspects, however the police authority has not provided details about the alleged murderers.

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It should be noted that in this second case —according to Martha Flores— Luna’s face was disfigured, she received two stab wounds to the neck and one to the chest; she was also a victim of rape.

“Despite the age of the two victims, they were active women; They had decided to live alone, however they were snatched away by the male chauvinist violence that prevails in Nicaragua,” Flores lamented.

27 femicides in five months

So far in 2022, the observatory of the Catholic organization for the Right to Decide has registered 27 crimes against Nicaraguan women and girls.

In addition, it counts 60 frustrated femicides, which means that the victims were able to save their lives. “Every day there is no response to this situation of violence, nor is there any proposal (from the Ortega government) to reduce not working on this problem, which is violence, and more so this sexist violence that ends the lives of women,” Flores said.

Violence against women increases. 22 femicides in four months in Nicaragua

“We see that in less than 24 hours two women were cruelly taken away from their lives (…) This is a situation of violence, where people are alarmed because crimes are on the rise,” he added.

Flores stressed that citizen insecurity is currently on the rise in Nicaragua because the Daniel Ortega dictatorship continues to release common prisoners, who are granted many benefits, but continue to commit crimes.

“The release of criminals, rapists and femicides leaves women insecure (…) The streets are no longer safe and even more so when a government —that of Daniel Ortega— is closing all the possibilities of demanding justice to us. There is no political awareness of being able to carry out campaigns to reduce violence and that falls on the lives of women », he concluded.

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