Maximo Kirchner: "Many of those who do not show their voices did not appear in the macrismo"

Maximo Kirchner: "Many of those who do not show their voices did not appear in the macrismo"

Máximo Kirchner in the Plenary of National and Popular Thought (Photo Twitter)

The national deputy Máximo Kirchner considered this Saturday that “many of those who do not show their voices are the same ones who did not appear during the macrismo”, when speaking at a meeting of intellectuals, teachers, media and cultural workers at the National University of Quilmes (Unqui) in homage to the sociologist Horacio González.

“Some people who did not cost them anything and who, just as they did not show their voices in the offs, did not show them during the macrismo, they ended up doing us a lot of damage due to personal particularities”Kirchner pointed out when presenting at this meeting according to a video broadcast on social networks.

And, in that sense, the legislator added: “When I made the decision to leave the leadership of the block, nobody found out, until the people who had to find out found out. Nothing. There was not a single off, not a single transcended “.

the national deputyHe recalled “the number of comrades who were persecuted, imprisoned, who took it on themselves and who went to the front” during the government of Cambiemos and considered that “Our people deserve more respect from those who are going to speak in off.”

summoned as “Plenary of National and Popular Thought”, the forum set out to recover the tradition of meeting periodically to reflect and discuss the present of the national, popular and progressive movementas well as the threats it faces, in an activity that will also have the imprint of a tribute to the former head of the National Library and creator of the Open Letter collective.

“In this time of crisis and uncertainty, where we find ourselves in an open discussion about the paths of our political project, we seek the direction of those who challenged us with critical and creative thinking,” said the announcement of the call.

The plenary was held at the Bernal headquarters of the University of Quilmes and the attendees debated “how to deepen the path of redistribution and the construction of sovereignty” or how to face “the media war machine” and the action of a ” judiciary power that conditions politics”, indicated the organizers of the call.

One of the participants, the sociologist María Pía López, co-author of several books with González, of whom she was a friend and close collaborator, told Télam that with the meeting in Quilmes it was proposed “get together again to discuss the dramatic nature of the situation” but “not to fix an easy position in the style of ‘we are on this side of the front or on that other’, but rather to generate a state of collective deliberation”.

In López’s diagnosis, to the “uncertain and very distressing horizon in world terms” is added “the complex dimension of Argentine politics, with a government that emerged as the expression of different sectors that had opposed the neoliberal government (of Mauricio Macri) and that today it is much more porous, more fragile or weaker in fulfilling that pact with which it was reached in 2019.

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