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June 26, 2023
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Maximiliano Caire: “The fan makes me feel important in the team”

Maximiliano Caire: "The fan makes me feel important in the team"

June 26, 2023, 11:26 AM

June 26, 2023, 11:26 AM

Maximiliano Caire awaits the moment to return to the courts. He still lacks time for that to happen, meanwhile he continues his recovery after knee surgery, following a serious injury that left him out this season.

The Argentine defender, 34 years old, goes very carefully, without haste which can then be harmful. He doesn’t know when he’ll be back. His absence took its toll on the rear of Oriente Petrolero because he was left without the wild card that got the coaches out of trouble.

The team and the fans miss him, because in addition to having become a benchmark, He earned the trust and affection of the people. affection that was conquered little by little, after a period of distrust and discontent, with his simplicity and dedication on the pitch.

This recess forced by the injury, allows you contact with journalism without pressure, as he did with Diez, to refer to his present and that of the team in the season, and also to the past, to review his arrival in Bolivian soccer.

Caire, an Argentine born in Villa Elisa, Entre Ríos, He arrived in September 2020, with that year’s championship in its final stretch, so he had to wait a few months to be part of the refinery team.

His arrival was possible due to a management by the club’s president, Ronald Raldeswhom he had had as a teammate a few years ago in Colón de Santa Fe and knew everything he could contribute to the team.

The orientist people have it as one of their favorites and he looks forward to his return, much more so at this difficult moment he is going through in the season. The coaching staff headed by Ángel Guillermo Hoyos also hopes that he can be in a position to reappear as soon as possible.

In a break from the daily work he does for his rehabilitationn, “Maxi” takes time to talk. The River Plate native returned after the operation they performed on him in his country and is optimistic, very excited about the return to activity.

– How did you come to the East?

We shared a team with Ronald (Raldes) in Colón for three and a half years, so we knew each other very well and he was interested in what I could contribute to the team.

– So, the president of Oriente went to bring you because he was sure about yours…

Ronald went to Argentina when I was in Gymnastics and he told me about the project he had after assuming the presidency of the institution. He wanted me to come in January, but I was still under contract in Gymnastics; In the end, I came in September 2020 when the pandemic had already been declared, the biosecurity measures were in force and the tournament was greatly affected.

– It was the championship that ended tight at the end of the year…

Correct. It all started at the beginning of 2020 but it ended up being played in November and December with very close matches. The initial idea was that the matches would have been played in September, but that was not the case due to Covid. So, the Book of Passes was not opened and my authorization took longer than necessary.

– But your adaptation was fast…

In reality, everything was very strange because we were in the pandemic and nobody knew how to act, there was a lot of uncertainty; It was a learning process for everyone in the pandemic and in the post-pandemic, when we started playing there was no public. We all had to adapt to this new reality, a daily life that was constantly changing.

– You started playing central, then winger…

Yes, with Erwin (Sánchez as technical director) in that position, but later also as a right-back; I rotated until I ended up playing mostly center back. He played with Dani Franco as a center-back partner, sometimes with Wilfredo Soleto.

– And in what position do you feel more comfortable to play?

The truth is that I have no problem playing as a center back or as a right back, I can even play on the left. In the East I have played in the center and on the right, I try to accommodate myself and give the best I can to contribute to the team.

– You became a benchmark in recent times and people miss you, do you feel like that, like someone important in the team?

People let me know on a daily basis or when I go to the stadium; They ask me when I’ll be back…it’s what I’ve earned with my permanent job. There is something that is very important in the East now and it is that as there are many young people; What they receive from those of us who have more experience is essential so that they make as few mistakes as possible so that the group can benefit.

– First time you have a major injury?

Yes, before I had a meniscus problem in my left knee, a problem that required a surgical solution; There, my return (to competition) took longer than expected due to some difficulties in coordinating work outside the pitches.

Several months have passed, how do you feel?

My recovery process is perfect, without any setbacks; On the contrary, there are exercises in which they have to stop me because in this there are times that must be respected, which must not be rushed. I am responding very well to everything that they are demanding of me, according to what the re-rehabilitation protocol indicates, and the knee responds perfectly.

– What stage of recovery are you in now?

I am in the stage of recovering strength, seeing that the coordination (of movements) works, placing a little weight on the knee hoping that it responds well… and it is responding well. God willing, next week (hereby) – four months after the surgery – I’m going to start running.

– The right knee surgery was at the end of February, do you have any idea when you are going to play official matches again?

The truth is that they have not given me a date, not even an approximate one, because everything is observed according to the progression of the results based on the application of the protocol that must be followed. The (medical) evaluations are permanent because, based on the responses to each of the exercises, progress is made towards a new level of (physical) recovery.

– How much recovery time is estimated?

Much depends on the response of the part of the affected physicist and the doctors. There are cases that the process lasts six months, but there are others that last eight months and up to a year, as they say now in the United States. For example, when I injured my left knee 10 years ago, after five months I played again…the procedures change, the protocols applied by each doctor are not always the same as the other. Also, a lot depends on how the physique responds to the rehabilitation process.

– Going to the team, what a way to suffer Oriente in defense…

It is that there were injuries in several positions; That, in a squad that is not very large or long in experienced players, the team will always suffer… we have several young players…

– Oriente was reinforced with Edemir Rodríguez, Jorge Flores, Danco García, experienced players for the defense, what do you think?

It seems good to me because, in addition, the young people on the squad are being injected with experience. Oriente is a heavy club, playing here is not easy because you are always forced to win, to obtain good results. That pressure of not having experienced players in all the lines becomes complicated. We have to wait for those guys because they are going to give the club a lot of satisfaction; The fact of having bigger players and a new coaching staff will help this.

– Are there tools to get out of the difficult moment and fight for important things?

Yes, of course, with work and dedication you can, with the support of the people, which is very important. The team has shown very interesting things in recent games despite not getting all the expected results, but we have seen improvements. With the incorporation of experienced players, it is certain that the end of the year will find us in a better position. I do not have doubts.

– Erwin Sánchez left and Guillermo Hoyos arrived. Did it surprise you?

When the processes are long there is always wear and tear, which is why when new people arrive with fresh air it is always positive. The coach (Ángel Guillermo Hoyos) and his coaching staff have arrived with great enthusiasm and desire to work; They have another way of driving and I think that this is doing the group good.

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