Matthei criticizes the Government for security crisis and calls for a “czar” against crime

The Mayor of Providencia, Evelyn Matthei, lashed out at the Government this Sunday, accusing that he does not see a “sufficient” political figure to address crime. In this sense, he expressed that the Minister of the Interior, Carolina Toha “was left out of the game” due to the discussions that were generated about the Nain-Retamal Law.

“I don’t see any political figure enough in this government to take charge of the crime issue,” said the mayoress in conversation with the program center table of Channel 13.

However, he highlighted the figure of the Undersecretary of the Interior, Manuel Monsalvementioning that “it is the one that probably generates the most confidence”.

“The one who is closest is Undersecretary Monsalve, he is the one who probably generates the most confidence. However, he has 10,000 things to worry about and this requires a tonnage and experience of Government, and a firm hand that I do not see at this time in the government,” he said.

The mayor proposed the need for “basically a czar against crime”.

“A person with a tonnage and exclusive dedication, in addition, with the possibility of conversing with different sectors (…) someone who finally begins to take the correct measures to advertise them accordingly,” he explained.

In addition, he stressed that “there has not been any other coup as brutal for the current Government as this week and the rejection of the Constitution. These are two milestones that I believe mark this administration and if the President does not react very quickly, not only will he do a lot of damage to Chile, because we are very against time with the fight against crime, but he will also do damage. irreparable and brutal to its government and its coalitions”.

Regarding the security plan announced by the President gabriel boricMatthei said that “they are the typical measures that, really, do not make any sense.”

Thus, he added that “saying that there is going to be a special concern for 30 neighborhoods means that criminals are going to move to others that are not prioritized.”

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